The Alabama State Fair is back at the Birmingham Race Course for another 10 days of fun and adventure. The traveling experience opens up this Friday at 4pm and will return each weekday at 4pm and Saturdays and Sundays at noon until things wrap up on September 25th. Classic rides, fried foods, and many memories are awaiting, and Birminghamians have their tickets ready. But what exactly is it that lies ahead you ask? While one can hardly describe the wonders that come with the state fair, this brave writer is willing to take on the challenge.

First and foremost, let’s talk food. Cheesecake, Reese’s, and Oreo’s are all options to try in a fried form, and gigantic turkey legs are grilled by the dozens to appease hungry stomachs. Bright signs draw your attention to funnel cakes, burgers, margaritas, and endless options to get your grub on properly. I tried a fried cheesecake for the first time last year and to this day I believe the experience has altered a part of my DNA due to how deeply it impacted me to my very core. It’s something everyone should try once. 

There are a thousand cool experiences to enjoy at the state fair! This image and cover image from Alabama State Fair

The fair rides bring something for fans of all thrills. Dizzying rides, slide rides, bumper carts, and all sorts of joy-building creations are ready and available to entertain the masses. Tuesdays and Thursdays are good options to choose if rides are your biggest focus, as they are $15 all-day ride pass deal days! There are also the classic fair games to try and win that big stuffed animal for yourself or a loved one. Water gun shooting skills are crucial, or perhaps you are good at shooting basketballs or swinging a hammer. 

Each day also brings unique attractions including a traveling freakshow, an aquatic acrobatic show, a Jurassic Dinosaur show, and entertainment by Coronas of the Hollywood Circus. Walking around the fair and taking in the many random moments is one of the best parts of this annual experience, and there’s plenty to look at in the 2022 Alabama State Fair.