Thanksgiving is coming up fast! The food-filled holiday places a focus on enjoying extravagantly large meals with those we love most and relatives that we don’t often get to see. We even sang about it for a school program when I was but a wee boy at Oak Mountain Elementary School. “Turkey and dressing on the table, sweet pumpkin pie is mighty fine,” we dutifully shared with our audience, “Brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles. Thanksgiving is a family time.” After the feast, many members of the family often find themselves loosening their belts a couple of notches to make for more belly room and finding the nearest couch or recliner to get some much-deserved daytime rest. This is the perfect movie-watching time, and the Thanksgiving holiday has some personalized movies to help keep the day on theme. Here are three of our favorites. 

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving

Fall is here and the Charlie Brown crew is getting ready for Thanksgiving! Image from Snoopy

Charlie Brown and his motley crew of friends have kept us entertained for decades. The comic’s holiday specials are faithful guides that lead us to a season of appreciation and merriment. “A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving'' does what Charlie Brown does best. It makes us laugh, learn a lesson, and enjoy the holiday even more than we already were. 

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Tell me this graphic doesn’t say shenanigans are about to occur. Image from Planes, Trains and Automobiles

What could be more enjoyable than watching two cherished comedy heavyweights in their prime share the screen in a funny road trip film? That exact movie but centered around Thanksgiving! Steve Martin and John Candy provide this exact greatness in “Planes, Trains and Automobiles” This 1987 classic is still heavily quoted today and packs a lot of laughs.


Are you still missing the scaries from Halloween? Pilgrim, a 2019 horror film, is here to scratch that itch with a Thanksgiving twist. A woman invites pilgrim re-enactors to her family’s home for the holiday and things soon get grisly. I watched this one a couple of months back myself and some of the crazy scenes still stick with me to this day.

At the end of the day, every movie you watch with a family is a great moment to share - especially when you get to spend a holiday together! 

Image from Ron Lach with Pexels