Pinball is one of the simplest, yet most delightful, thrills known to mankind. This great machine will forever be in our hearts thanks to tributes from music legends like The Who and of course the Monsters, Inc. legendary computer version. It would be hard to name another childhood activity that’s also the perfect background activity for former kids now hanging out at bars and restaurants. Birminghamians from every corner are drawn to the lights that come out of these magical rectangles, and Magic City establishments are ready to keep us satisfied. We share a few of the best places to aim for record-setting numbers by slapping a silver ball around here. Remember–no tilting! 

Mom’s Basement

When the pinball machines have cupholders you know you’ve reached ultimate genius Image from Mom’s.

Not everyone was blessed enough to have a pinball machine in their parent’s basement while growing up, much less four! Mom’s Basement remedies this tragedy by providing the nostalgic experience you deserve while playing your favorite game. Bagel bites, cheese puffs, uncrustables, and more are served like they came straight from the family pantry. Pinball is free on Wednesdays, which makes this bar’s games even more appealing. 


Games reign supreme at Paramount, and the pinball machines are the leading force. Image from Paramount.

If you want to play games and have a great drink at the same time in Birmingham, Paramount would have to be the first place to visit. Their row of pinball games is impressive on its own. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Guardians of the Galaxy compete with multiple other brightly-lit options for your quarters. If you get sick of pinball (hardly likely but still), there are dozens of other arcade games to keep you entertained. 

Cahaba Brewing Co.

Cahaba’s massive space gives you plenty of time to explore darts, skee ball, board games, or food truck goodies after pinball. Image from Cahaba.

Birmingham is constantly adding to its list of breweries, and every single one offers delicious liquid luxuries for us to enjoy. But how does one stand out from the pack? Cahaba Brewing reveals the roadmap to distinction with their impressive pinball collection. Many of the machines are musically focused, Kiss and Metallica are some examples, but Game of Thrones joins the lineup as well. They have skee ball and darts around the building as well to make sure visitors never get bored.

Carrigan’s Public House

There are plenty of great drink options to go with your pinball experience at Carrigan’s. Image from Carrigan’s.

There are many draws to Birmingham’s 1st Avenue pub, and pinball is among the front runners. The balcony upstairs offers a great view to help your eyes refocus after staring at the world’s greatest invention for hours. Their hand-cut fries, Carrigan’s corn dog, smoked duck quesadilla, and impressive drink collection ensure you’ll have a good time while playing your favorite game.

No matter how successful your pinball score is, remember all that matters is that you got lost in a world full of lights, special effects, and Gene Simmons miniature head replicas sticking their tongues out in a taunting manner. And you did it in Birmingham. 

Cover Photo by cottonbro from Pexels