Self-esteem is something that can’t be seen in a physical sense but is very noticeable if we pay attention to how it impacts our daily actions. Millions of kind-hearted people who are doing their best each day don’t take the time to realize how amazing they are. Or even worse - they actively dislike themselves! Not taking the time to appreciate who we are and the quirky things that make us uniquely ourselves can make us less enthusiastic each day and more depressed and anxious. But what can be done to help us realize our self-worth and improve our self-esteem? There are simple things we can do each day to uplift our mental state towards ourselves. Here are a few.

Reframe Self-Criticisms 

It’s okay to be your own biggest critic, but instead of just being tough on ourselves we can use the moments in question to help us grow into a version of ourselves that we appreciate more. Instead of beating yourself up in a moment where you feel you failed, take time to learn a lesson and benefit from the incident. Things happen (that’s all they ever do as Dawes says). How we handle what happens is the true moment to take in. 

Setting Boundaries 

Birmingham’s Saturn venue is one of the most beautiful tributes to Alabama musicians you’ll ever lay eyes on, with a particular focus on the legendary cosmos-musician Sun Ra. One quote featured at the venue is “Space is the place.” The fun phrase can also be applied to our personal lives and setting boundaries. Self-love comes easiest to those who take some time for self, and some people in our lives may be actively contributing to our self-esteem issues. Find the social balance that works for you and start protecting your inner peace.

Quit the Comparisons 

Each of us is on our own life journey. The chapters look different, the storylines take unique directions, and the pacing varies from book to book. Comparing your story to someone else’s - or thinking they are ahead of you in life or better due to present perceived scenarios - doesn’t account for all you’ve done to get to where you are currently and to set yourself up for the next step towards success. For many, social media has increased the habit of comparing ourselves to others. If this applies to you, set limits on how much you use these apps. Focus on your daily funny moments, friends, beautiful days, and little memories that are made each day! 


Most of the advice on improving self-esteem focuses on mental changes to make. However, spending some time on our physical health can be a shortcut to a more positive mindset. Jogging, lifting weights, and other fairly easy exercises not only improve how we look and feel, but help improve mental health at the same time. 

You are doing your best each day, and even on the days you aren’t you are still doing more than enough. Find the things that make you happy and let them help you find the beauty in yourself. We hope you continue to find upliftment with these four steps. 

Cover image from Jackson David on Unsplash