We are thankfully entering the warmer weather months, which is certainly something worth celebrating! With all the benefits that come with the upcoming spring weather, it is also the season of pollen. Yes, pollen is the love language of our plant neighbors that are oh so crucial to human survival. While that sounds like a wonderful time for our flowery friends and essential for our well-being, pollen can wreak havoc on our bodies. Seasonal allergies can lead to constant sneezing, itchy eyes and throat, and so many other uncomfortable symptoms. While there isn’t much we can do to prevent pollen from covering our cars, piling up in puddles, and even being breathed in by us during this time - there are steps we can take to reduce the negative impact it has on our bodies. 

Local Honey

This is something my mom has encouraged me to do for years now after she read about it in a book. Call it the placebo effect if you want, but I firmly stand by this method as an effective way to minimize pollen allergies. Alabama has many great local honey options - I’m currently having a spoonful of Pure Alabama Honey by Jimmy Carmack each morning.


Anytime we step outside during the spring we are collecting pollen particles that we bring back home with us. Once you are inside for the day, take the time to shower and get all of those allergy-inducing chaos agents off your body. You can wash your face throughout the day as well if you feel your eyes and nose starting to get itchy. Filling a bowl with steaming water and holding your face over it or putting a hot rag on your face are two other ways to make yourself feel better and treat the symptoms. 

Mask Up

Masks have become a much more common site than any of us could have expected in the 2020s. You probably still have masks at your house and may still need them for certain jobs. They are still a great item to have while sick or to prevent particles from entering our nose and mouth. Masking is great during pollen season, especially while doing outdoor chores or talking through pollen-heavy areas. 

Keep Your Distance

We can’t help but run into pollen during this time of year, but we can take measures to prevent it from moving so freely through our homes and cars. Keeping doors and windows closed helps reduce the amount of pollen that gets inside. Your home should be a safe haven, and this is an important step during the spring. 

We will get through this pollen season just like we have all the ones of the past. These simple steps can make the process a whole lot easier. 

Cover image from Aaron Scamihorn