It is true that one can achieve a lot on their own, but when people come together there is a strength formed that can’t be matched. Legendary groups like The A-Team, the 1992 Dream Team, and the Scooby Doo Mystery Gang are some of the countless examples of what can happen when we unite to form a group. Many of us work in similarly effective teams at work, school, in hobbies, or through sports. It feels great when we click as a group but sometimes the energy of our team can feel depleted - leading things to become less efficient and more stressful. So how can leaders bring rest and nourishment to their teammates? We share a few ways here. 

Get To Know Your Team

What seems restful for you may actually feel draining for someone else on your team. Getting to know the personalities and preferences of the people that you are working towards a goal with helps you better understand what they need to be their happiest and most fulfilled selves - which makes for an upbeat and well-rested team. Routine meetings and conversations that are centered around more than the task at hand can help bring you closer together. 

Keep Primary Focus In Mind

It can be easy to get discouraged during a lull in progress or after a disagreement in the group. In these moments, it’s important to remember why your team has come together in the first place! You’ve set out to accomplish something and taking a step back to refocus and appreciate the larger goal can make the smaller obstacles feel less significant. 


Things can often get serious on a team. You’ve set out to accomplish something and focus is one of the quickest ways to get to your goal after all! But rest and morale are equally important - so take time to celebrate along the way. Birthdays, milestones towards your goal, and random goofy holidays are all wonderfully fun ways to get your mind off of things and just enjoy the moment for a bit. 

Set Success Standards 

It helps to know what we should expect when it comes to performance from a team. Having an expectation helps us recognize when a member is off of their usual groove, which gives us an opportunity to assist them. It’s important to understand that everyone deals with a multitude of stresses outside of your time together and that this could be a reason for the lowered energy. Take the time to learn from your team members so that you can uplift them moving forward. 

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