Have you had one of those days where no matter how much you eat your stomach just can’t seem to get full? Nothing is more frustrating than a rumbling stomach - especially when we’ve been doing our part to try and satisfy the hunger cravings! In these moments it’s important to focus on how we eat instead of how much we eat. Cramming a bunch of edible goods into our bodies doesn’t automatically equal a satisfied, full feeling. Being strategic with what we eat allows for a more full-filling (get it?) feeling throughout the day. Here are a few important things to consider to reduce your hunger pains.

Drink More Water

Most of this list will feature solid food suggestions but if I’ve learned anything in my 29 years on this Earth it’s that way is the answer to just about any problem. As Alabama-raised hip-hop musician Mick Jenkins says, “Water’s more important than the gold.” High-quality H2O stretches the stomach when consumed, which provides us more time in comfort before we sit down for our next meal.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Protein has been proven to be a key ingredient when it comes to feeling full after a meal. For example, studies have shown a longer full feeling in people who eat eggs instead of cereal. While meats are what most people think of when it comes to protein, beans, peas, and other alternatives provide the same crucial nutrients. Get creative and enjoy some new meal options! 

Focus On Fiber

Fiber is another great resource to combat hunger that is found in many of the foods we already enjoy. Vegetables, nuts, beans, lintels, fruits, seeds, and more can be used to boost your fiber intake - and the benefits go beyond the stomach! Loading your plate up with fiber and protein in the 1-2 punch needed to claim victory in your personal hunger games.

Take Care Of Yourself

Every item that we have in our lives - from a phone to an apartment to a car - lasts longer and is more satisfactory when we treat it better. The same can be said for our bodies. Getting enough sleep, making sure to exercise, and taking care of our anxiety levels are a few examples of basic tasks that go a long way in making us feel better on a daily basis. If diet adjustments aren’t fixing your hunger problem, try lifestyle adjustments. 

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

It can be frustrating to keep feeling the urge to eat although you know you should feel full. Snacking and enjoying our favorite foods are often the first pleasures to be sacrificed in the name of finding an answer - but we don’t have to shut out our favorite foods from our lives forever. Attempting to deprive ourselves of these tasty pleasures can result in unnecessary hunger and overeating when we finally do give in! Eat wiser and don’t beat yourself up. 

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