As much fun as it would be to go frolicking through fields without a care each day, we live in a world that makes us heavily dependent on the almighty dollar. Everything costs money, and everything seems to cost a bit more of late! It doesn’t matter if you are applying for your dream job or need to find something fast to be able to pay the bills - you need to be prepared for the upcoming job interview to leave an impression that gets you hired. But what are some little things to know to stand apart from the rest of those applying for the job? About Town is here to help.

Dress Formally

It never hurts to present your most cleaned-up self when applying for a job. Physical appearance - for better or worse - is the very first thing we get judged by when entering an interview. Don’t overdo it (think about what professionals in your industry would wear or focus on simple formalities like a button-down), but don’t come in wearing your favorite retro T-shirt and beat-up jeans! 

Bring Help With You!

No, I’m not talking about your parents so they can tell your potential employer all the obstacles you’ve overcome for you! I’m talking about physical items that show your work experience and dedication to the job. Multiple resumes (for each interviewer), business cards, a work portfolio, and a notebook with pen are all great things to show that you are taking the job seriously. 

Plan Ahead 

You should have a confident understanding of the business you are applying for by the time you reach the interview. Company history, leadership roles, values, and more are all great ways to make sure you are aligned with your interviewer’s goals (and can often be interesting to read anyways!). Planning ahead also means giving yourself enough time to get there 10 to 15 minutes early and considering any distractions that may prevent you from having the perfect interview.

Project Confidence

I remember a professor in college sharing that doing a Superman or Wonder Woman pose in front of the mirror is a unique but impactful way to boost your confidence ahead of a big moment. I do find mirror encouragement helpful, but that may not be what works best for you. Maybe it’s your ultimate pump-up song, writing affirmations, or sitting in peace before the interview. Find what works and run with it! 

Follow-Up After

No matter what job you are applying for - you want to seem heavily interested. Following up with an email after the interview is a good way to show manners while also indicating that you are serious about getting this position. It also puts your name back on the front of the hiring party’s mind, and does so in a positive light. 

Good look at your interview! There are a lot of jobs in the market right now, and while it can feel like a struggle to find (and actually get hired to) the right one for your career goals, your dream job is out there. You’ve got the tools to get it, and they would be lucky to have you. 

Cover photo from Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels