The ability to focus is a crucial talent that seems easy, but is often unfound when we need to use it to accomplish a daily task. Even the writer of this article faces distractions sometimes. In these first three sentences in fact I’ve seen my attention shift to the beautiful day outside, my cute cat, and my hungry belly. There are ways to improve our ability to stay focused though, especially from little distractions like the ones I mentioned above. Here are a few great ways to stay on task.

Remove Distractions

Your phone doesn’t have to be right next to you tempting you every minute you try to accomplish a task. Social media and fun games can wait - you have work to do for goodness sake! Try setting aside a certain amount of time with no distractions (30 minutes for example) and see how that works for your focus. Choosing the right location to work (if the ability to choose is possible) can make a big difference as well. A library will have different distractions from your home - find what works best for you.


Distractions can feel overwhelming, but there are tools that help us compartmentalize them and prevent them from overtaking our thoughts during important moments. Meditation uses a focus on breathing to free the mind from these inhibitors and place a priority on what is in front of us at the moment. Try box breathing for a great way to feel refreshed and relaxed before a task as well. 

Take Nature Breaks

Nature is full of a giving, nourishing energy. The trees, flowers, and sun all work together to hurl live-giving nutrients at our bodies. Taking the time to go on a short walk and soak up some rays lets you feel this natural upliftment while also putting aside a set time to let your mind wander, check your phone, and more. The ultimate win-win. 

Get More Sleep

A well-rested brain is our biggest friend. However, a drowsy brain can be the maker of mischief and needless distractions. It’s important to try and get a good night’s sleep before a big task - although it can be tempting to stay up worrying and planning different outcomes. Turn the technological screens off and let your brain get some quality downtime before your next big day.

Selecting Sounds

Music, podcasts, and other forms of sound can be used to tune out of the world and focus on the task at hand. The genre may look different for everyone - rap, heavy metal, wordless songs, etc. - but the important part is finding what helps get you in that special focus zone and jamming out while getting things done! 

Cover image from Pixabay