These are the top five benefits of a clean and curated home:

1) Reduced Stress

It feels good to walk into a clean and organized home. On the flip side, a messy house could wreak havoc on your health as studies link clutter to increased levels of cortisol and feelings of sadness. Lower stress levels are one of the many benefits of maintaining a clean home.

2) Increased Productivity

Physical clutter leads to mental clutter and weighs you down. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, you end up doing less. When your home looks great, you feel lighter and are more likely to get things done. 

3) Improved Focus

Multi-tasking and managing distractions are a way of life. Organizing your home in a way that flows with the rhythm of your day, streamlines mundane tasks leaving more time to focus on work and extracurriculars.

4) Better Sleep

Recent studies show healthy sleep habits are key to long term health and wellness. When it’s time to relax and wind down for the night, walking into a tidy room with a well made bed calms your mind, body, and soul.

5) Saves Time

Life is easier when items have a place. The minutes you spend searching for an item add up, ruffle your feathers, and steal your joy. When you finish using something, put it back. You’ll feel better knowing it’s there next time you need it.

Are you ready to take your spring cleaning to the next level this year? Start small with one corner or drawer at a time. If you take on too much at once, you may lose steam and end up with a bigger mess. 

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