Every new day brings thousands of new possibilities with it. People to meet, places to go, rest to receive, and jobs to work on! While certain parts of our day may be predetermined by commitments and responsibilities, we can always have an impact on the atmosphere that the day carries with it. The best time to set our day on an uplifting path is in the moments after we wake up - it is the very first moment we remember after all! It can be easy to feel groggy and just stumble into our routine but purposeful positive actions can change the entire trajectory of our remaining daily hours. The best part is that none of these morning shifts take much effort to carry out and make you feel better in the process. What is there to lose? Here are a few changes to consider making to your morning routine. 

Drink Water

Water is life’s key ingredient. It’s important that we acknowledge the power of this beneficial beverage and try to consume the daily recommended amount for our body weight. Drinking a glass of water in the morning is a wonderful way to begin this goal while helping our body feel refreshed and energized. This simple step truly allows us to start your day off on the right foot. 

Get Some Sun

Sunlight is another energizing resource to take in at all times of the day, and it’s best to start things off in the morning. Getting sun boosts our melatonin levels which helps our bodies feel better and combats grievances such as insomnia and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Whether you step outside to enjoy some fresh air or open your curtains and let the natural light brighten your room - this is a great way to start the day.

Move A Little

You don’t have to jump into a full workout routine the moment you wake up, but it is helpful to get the body moving just a little bit. Stretching, walking, yoga, and other forms of exercise go a long way in bettering how we feel throughout the day. At this moment, we are able to loosen the muscles while feeling a little energy.


We all heard it growing up, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It’s important to get some food in your belly before you go embarking on your newest daily adventure. Fortunately, many of the best breakfast foods are also great dietary options. Granola, bananas, berries, yogurt, eggs, and of course French toast are just a few easy ways to start your day on a tasty and nourishing note. 

Slow It Down

Yes, we just listed many things to think about during your first moments of waking up. But it’s just as important to give yourself enough time to take things slowly. When we are able to avoid rushing from the moment we get up, we are better able to put ourselves in the proper mental space to navigate what lies ahead. If you’re able to allocate time for it, calming activities such as meditation, journaling, and reading are wonderful options to bring a peaceful feeling. 

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