The weather is starting to warm up in Alabama, which is always a welcome sign after the colder winter months. While we are grateful for the sunny days ahead, we must also be prepared for the humid heat that is coming right behind. Instead of running from the sun, we can embrace it-and the best way to do so is spending our days surrounded by water. Here are a few wonderful spots to take in the Alabama weather. 

Little Cahaba River Tubing

Some say you haven’t really experienced central Alabama until you’ve floated down this stretch of river. Image from Limestone Canoe and Tube

There are only a handful of places on the planet that can boast about balancing the arts of adventure and relaxation. Limestone Canoe and Tube provides this experience just a short drive from Birmingham, and for great deals as well. After purchasing your tube (and a recommended cheaper tube for a cooler for snacks and drinks), you begin a miles-long water journey that is mostly a calm ride laughing with friends kicking back. On three occasions though, you will face seemingly small rapids that still need to be approached with respect. After each trial are wonderful relaxation areas to rope swing, swim, eat, drink, and be merry.

Old Slab Hangout

The Old Slab is the perfect place to combat the upcoming Alabama heat. Image from

Not too far from Helena’s downtown is this wonderful stretch of the Cahaba River that is the perfect way to cool down with friends. The Old Slab has built a cult following and steady appreciation over the years, and once you visit it’s easy to see why. We’d recommend bringing your trusty cooler, some lawn chairs for river-sittin, a speaker, four old friends, two new ones, and some water shoes as the walk down into the water can get slippery! Bathroom facilities are at the beginning of the trail leading down, and it’s a beautiful (sometimes bumpy) drive to this wonderful Alabama location.

Oak Mountain State Park

The walk to Peavine Falls ends with this miraculous view, and a dunk under the water if you are feeling adventurous. Image from

One would be hard-pressed to find a state park in Alabama that has a more diverse collection of available water activities than Oak Mountain State Park. If you enter the park from the 119 entrance, you’ll immediately come across a medley of water ski ramps, rails, and other fun challenges in the first lake seen. The drive goes on to feature the perfect fishing lake, opportunities for paddle boarding and canoeing, and the popular Oak Mountain State Park Beach (another place to remember swimming safety while having fun). Peavine Falls is another famous water-based attraction in this spectacular section of nature.

Lake Purdy Fishing

Fishing in Alabama is a beautiful thing, and this statement is found truest at the pristine Lake Purdy. The Grants Mill Road/119 drive that is often taken to get there is a teasing glimpse of the scenery that is this lake, and the fishing is a whole other thing to brag about. We’d recommend anyone who enjoys this hobby to visit this top area lake. 

Splash Adventure 

A lazy river is the calmest, yet most impactful way to maintain an ideal body temperature this summer. Image from Alabama & Splash Adventure

While it doesn’t open until May, we hope that Splash Adventure (and the accompanying Alabama Adventure) are on Birminghamians radars this year. Not every city gets their own adventure and water parks, and it’s a pretty win-win situation to support. Great snacks, cool rides, and lots of memories are hard to beat-and Splash Adventure has all that and a bag of chips. 

DIY Water Slide

A backyard or nearby patch of grass becomes a water-based adventure with just a few simple tools. Image from Luke Porter

Can’t make it too far from home? All you need is a little Slip-N-Slide action to have some fun! If you want to make one yourself all it takes is a tarp (or two) and hand soap! I did this last year with friends and there is not a single doubt that we are taking up the hobby again this year. It is highly recommended to invest in an inflatable to ride on for extra fun.

As you can see, it doesn’t matter where or how you cool down in the Magic City-all that matters is you have a good time while doing so. Whether it’s a venture to a hidden slab or pretending to surf in your own backyard-you are creating a Birmingham moment.