Feeling a little down this winter? It’s perfectly normal! Between shorter daylight hours, colder weather, and a global pandemic, it would be weird to not feel gloomy on occasion. But while this feeling is more than understandable, there are some things you can do to brighten up your days. Here are our top  Birmingham has some wonderful places to do so!

Take a Hike at Ruffner

Ruffner Mountain is a Birmingham treasure, and every visit tends to bring new perspectives and educational nature facts. Whether it’s a jaw-dropping sunset view of the city or a relaxing hike listening to the birds chirp in the woods, you can feel your soul grow more at ease in this East Lake locale.

Stroll through Parkside

We know it already gets a lot of love, but Railroad Park is the perfect place to bring the family or take a solitary stroll while gathering your thoughts. The downtown Birmingham skyline provides a scenic backdrop for the beautiful park, complete with ponds and skating bowls. The therapy doesn’t have to stop there--city favorites like Red Cat, Good People, and Tortugas are all within walking distance!

Dig for Gold at Seasick

Nature not releasing those endorphins fast enough? Music might be the answer, and the good people at Seasick Records have thousands of records to choose from! This spacious independent record store with custom Sun Ra-inspired art by Tim Kerr and playful banter from the in-store barbers at Newman’s Classic Cuts are sure to leave you smiling even if you don’t find a record (but we’re pretty sure you will). The store recommends scheduling an appointment and gives gloves out at the door, making safety one less factor to add stress.

Charm Yourself on 2nd

Retail therapy is a thing - and Charm on 2nd has the unique goods that will make your impulse purchase become a permanent favorite. Whether it’s a hilarious oven mitt, a Prince puzzle, or one of their many beautiful pieces of jewelry, you’re sure to leave a happier person. The delightful owners and picturesque store front only add to the positivity that is this shopping experience.

Visit Yo Mama

Moms know how to make everything better, and in Birmingham that often means food! Yo Mama’s (right across the street from Charm) serves next-level delicious meals including chicken and waffles and a variety of daily specials, including catfish on Fridays and blue-cheese-and-bacon-stuffed burgers. It also helps that Crystal Peterson, one of Birmingham’s most fun personalities, is almost guaranteed to be behind the counter ready to greet you!

Show Yourself Some Love

No matter which adventure you choose, we hope that you realize the Magic City is amazing because of the beauty YOU bring to it. This town is full of adventure, and every new day is an opportunity to explore it even more. So get out and take it all in!