Utilities are one of life’s biggest contradictions. The conveniences afforded by the electricity, water, trash disposal, and gas found in our modern-day homes are literally lifesaving - but the costs that often come with these services can truly stress out those trying to keep up with all these bills on top of other payments like car notes and mortgage payments. Fortunately, there are ways to lower the cost of utilities while still appreciating the luxuries they provide. Here are a few of the most efficient ways to do so.

Thermostat Management

The thermostat is the stuff of legend in parenting lore. There tends to be a set temperature in each household, but what if we adjusted that temperature throughout the day to be more cost-efficient? Set your thermostat to the ideal degree while you’re actually spending time in the house, and put it in a more cost-efficient setting while people are away for school, work, running errands, or while everyone is sleeping. 

Be A Night Owl

Did you know that utility-using chores like running the dishwasher or washing and drying clothes are usually cheaper when you do them at night? Power companies experience usage drops during later hours which leads to more cost-efficient experiences for those who take advantage of these cheaper times. 


When the bills get too high, the lights in many houses are turned on a lot less frequently. But there are ways to save money while still being able to enjoy the lighting you desire. Natural light is a wonderful daytime resource and LED lights are known to use less power and last longer than regular light bulbs. 

Cold Water Washing

The water heater is another larger source of utility costs that can be minimalized through one simple change. Washing clothes in cold instead of hot water can dramatically reduce the monthly impact our heater has on our pocketbook - and you still get fresh clothes to seize the day with. 

Become A Fan Of Your Ceiling Fan 

Air conditioning is one of the most expensive contributors to our utility bills, which is where our friend the ceiling fan comes in to save the day. Using ceiling fans throughout the house allows us to raise the thermostat temperature and reduce the higher cost-per-hour that comes with AC.

Cover image from Karolina Grabowska