Cell phones have taken over the world, and for the most part they’ve made things much more convenient for us. Humans can read the news, see how their friends are doing, play a game, view their emails, edit a movie, measure items, and many other cool and useful things all from one device. We can venture off on more solo individuals while knowing we have help a phone call away and the entire internet available at our fingertips for any questions we might have. Cell phones are truly one of the most impactful inventions that call this planet home, but there are still some things to know about these wonderful creations - such as where not to keep them. We share a few important places to know about here.

In Your Pockets

Pockets often compete with cell phones to see who holds the title of the best invention, but the two wonders combined can make for a bad time. Radiation from a phone is multiplied to more dangerous levels when your phone is connected to WiFi. Purses and phone holsters are two of the most recommended methods of carrying your phone to stay safe while still having it at a convenient distance.

In Your Bra

Bras are another easy method that many people use to keep their phone close by and easy to reach. Much like pockets though, they bring the device a little bit too close to important parts of our bodies which could potentially lead to long-term health effects. This method also causes more direct contact with skin, which can be irritating or rub dirty bacteria on the body. 

Too Close To Your Face

While smartphones have turned the telephone into a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly think of, the primary purpose is still to talk to other people. This involves the mouth which is on the face, so it may seem hard to avoid. Speakerphone is one way that we can avoid putting our device directly on our face repeatedly so we transfer less potentially harmful germs from our phone to ourselves.

On the Charger (For Too Long)

A phone needs a charger to keep providing us the endless entertainment that we need and deserve, but too much of a good thing can turn it into something unpleasant. That’s the case with charging our phones, as excessive time limits will result in overheating and lead to a shorter battery life in the long run. Get your charge and keep it moving, folks.

In Your Bed

As we’ve mentioned earlier, a primary concern with phone placement is the radiation that can come from these devices when they are too close to you. This applies to while we are resting. If your phone is under your pillow or next to your face while sleeping, you could be taking in some harmful rays. Another downside to having your phone in bed is that you will probably use it while there, and research shows that spending time looking at a lit-up screen before bed lowers your ability to sleep. 

In the Sun

If you want to see how quickly a phone can overheat try leaving it on a ledge or car dashboard to face the Alabama sun in summer. You will quickly feel the temperature change yourself before your phone chimes in to let you know that it’s going to have to take some time to cool down. Prevent any potential damage by keeping it in the shade or air conditioning far away from the bright sunlight.

Your phone is the ultimate jack of all trades, but keeping your device and yourself protected takes a little bit of awareness. Follow these guidelines and you’ll be A-Okay! Don’t and it may be a “close call”. 

Cover image from Pexels