Do you ever find yourself standing in front of your closet filled to the brim with clothes, bags and shoes feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear? Local stylist Laura Steele offers her best tips to help you identify what to keep, what to eliminate and what to shop for so you can get ready with confidence in a snap!

1  Dress for YOUR Lifestyle
As we shift into a new season, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the new styles and trends. Enjoy shopping the new fashions but remember to buy and dress for your lifestyle. You don’t have to buy the latest fad to dress up-to-date. Let those new trends come into play in your wardrobe in a way that best suits your lifestyle, whether you are more casual in carpool or dressier at the office.

2  Edit Your Closet
Begin each new season by going through your closet. Look at everything you have and edit! Clean out and organize your wardrobe so you can see what you have and what items you need to add. Donate what you don’t want…there is always someone who will be blessed by the things that are no longer serving you!

3  Only Buy What You Love
With each new trend brings questions such as “Maybe I will wear this?” Don’t purchase anything unless you totally love it! If you follow this rule, going to your closet to get dressed becomes fun and easy. Plus, you’ll have the added benefit of avoiding end-of-season guilt brought on by items that still have tags.

4  Invest in a Nice Handbag
Purchase a fine, well-made handbag that fits your personal style and preference, be it small or large. A great bag makes your wardrobe so much easier to pull together. Whether you select the latest fall dress with wedges or throw on a plain T-shirt and jeans, adding the right handbag creates a polished finish to anything you wear. Finer handbags are constructed for the long haul, and they’re always in style. It’s worth investing in at least one!

5  Search for Multi-Use Items
There are so many more pieces of apparel offered now that can be worn with a variety of different items from season to season. Make sure to take note of your schedule and climate when considering additions to your wardrobe. This allows you to keep a keen eye out for items that will work when you need them. From a darker, dressier denim to a light-weight jacket, many items can dress up or down with complimentary pieces that will take you through most of the year.

6  Shop Around
Local, small shops are great places to start. The people get to know you and offer the personal assistance to help you shop with purpose. Online options are great for basics you know will work and special sales. Pay attention to return policies when ordering a newer style you’re not sure about…but don’t be afraid to try something new! A fun addition can be just the spark you need to help you move forward to a new season!

Laura Steele of Steele Style is a personal stylist based in Vestavia Hills, Alabama. She helps women curate their wardrobes, cull down and corral their belongings, and curate their appearances on the journey to find their best personal style. Follow her on Instagram @steelestylebhm and Facebook @SteeleStyle.