1. Bold Summer Blooms

Nothing makes an impression like colorful Summer blooms. You can’t have too many flowers on your outdoor entertaining spaces. Brighten your patio or front door, and boost your happiness with seasonal potted flowers.

2. Upgrade Your Grill

Everyone seems to gather in the kitchen. Take your kitchen outdoors this summer where your guests will gather near the grill. Green Eggs are great. But check out the Blackstones. These propane powered giant skillets are great for eggs and bacon, fish and burgers. Another idea are pizza ovens. They range in price, but who doesn’t love pizza?

3. Yeah, But What About Bugs?

Before your guests arrive connect a bug repellent to your water hose and spray the yard for a 24-48 hour effect. Or, set the scene by floating bug repellent scented candles in vases and incorporate citronella lanterns around your lawn.

4. But, It's So Hot!

Is it too hot for you? Create shade with a big statement making umbrella. Or, invest in an attractive and high quality outdoor fan (the misting options rocks!).

Fans will also help keep bugs away.

5. How's Your Outdoor Furniture?

The problem with outdoor furniture is that it’s outdoors, which means it has to face the elements 365 days a year. You can buy expensive stuff, and 1 year later it’s on it’s last leg. Think practical and attractive. Don’t want to spend a fortune? Update the cushions & pillows and bring in a pretty rug.  

6. Entertainment!

What is most important? Entertainment. Don’t forget your Bluetooth speaker or take it to the next level by installing an outdoor television. You’ll love it even more come Fall and college football season!

If you have any ideas, please let me know at cbond@raypoynor.com.