It's been a crazy year so don't worry if you're slacking on Valentine's Day or completely forgot the holiday was coming up soon. If you are still looking for something sweet for your sweetheart then look no further than these eight local sweet shops full of chocolate and delicious treats for everyone in your life!


Experience a taste of the divine this Valentine's Day at ​Chocolatá with their eight Valentine's packages! Their seasonal varieties include: Campesino Rum Hearts & Stars, Cherry Bonbon, Lavender Truffle, Rose Marzipan Enrobed in Dark Chocolate, ​Strawberry & Lemon Mint Truffle, Walden Farms’ Golden Lion’s Mane, Wild Fox Teas’ Rose Chai Mystic Eye as well as some year round selections.

Their eight packages include:

  • Eye, heart, and moon 5pc assortment
  • 6pc signature gift box
  • 15 pc assorted gift box
  • Valentine gift sets
  • Venus & Mars bars
  • Local love Valentine gift set
  • ​Chocolatá Moon Mendiant
  • Goddess bark

Hours: TUES-SAT: 11am-6pm

Location: 1927 2nd Avenue North ​Birmingham, Alabama 35203

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The Birmingham Candy Company

This hometown candy store feel pride themselves on their three cornerstones of success: southern, hand-crafted, and local. They pride themselves on being in Birmingham, the best city, and all their recipes are southern-approved.

For Valentine's Day, they have:

  • Chocolate covered Oreos
  • Chocolate boxes
  • Candied apples
  • Chocolate strawberries
  • And more!

Hours: MON - SAT: 11am - 6pm; SUN: CLOSED

Location: 1821 2nd Ave North, Stall 166 Birmingham, Alabama 35203 In the Pizitz Food Hall in Downtown Bham

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Honeycreeper Chocolate

A Honeycreeper, as well as Theobroma Cacao, thrive under the shade of the tropical forest canopy which and are a beautiful reminder to this chocolatier the connection between the species and the plant that bring about this delicious chocolate. The shop provides a wide assortment of dark, milk, and white chocolate bars as well as a beautiful bonbon case, caramels, cocoa powder and drinking chocolates.

For Valentine's Day they offer:

  • Valentine's Day Bag
  • Valentine's Day 12 Piece Bonbon
  • XOCOLATL LOVE & HAPPINESS Darl Chocolate Bar
  • Caramel pillow boxes in Scotch, Vanilla, Café Noir and Black Lava Salt

Hours: WED-FRI: 12pm - 6pm; SAT & SUN: 10am - 2pm

Location: 2026 Morris Ave. Birmingham, Alabama

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Sugar is a boutique candy shop that has something for everyone to enjoy. From vintage candies to familiar favorites, Sugar carries an extensive selection of delicious edibles you won't find at most retailers. Sugar offers custom candygrams, candy trays, and balloons with seasonal assortments that make great gifts for coworkers, family, and friends. They're literally a giant candy store! For Valentine's Day they offer tons to choose from we can't even name them all! From balloons to cards to candy to chocolate if you want it they've got it!

Hours: MON-SAT: 12-5pm; SUN: 1-4pm

Location: 69 Church Street Mountain Brook (Crestline Village) Alabama 35213

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Match Chocolate

Match is a small local bean-to-bar chocolate maker only in Birmingham. They use only cocoa beans and cane sugar to make single origin chocolate bars, truffles and pastry provisions. The name match comes from the bond between the only two ingredients they need to make this delectable chocolate!

For Valentine's Day they offer:

  • Chocolate Covered Almonds
  • Coco Crunch Bar
  • Drinking Chocolate Packet
  • Pangoa 81% Bar
  • Twin Pack Chocolate Bars

Hours: Order Pick-Up anytime before Friday 9:00am

Location: Curbside Pick-up at Pepper Place

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Sky Bear Confections

Sky Bear is a mom and pop shop who make small batch, hand crafted sweets with quality ingredients and a lot of love. They have something for everyone from old fashioned fudges to the most modern techniques in chocolatiering. They are famous for their hand painted bon bons made from fair trade, amazing quality Belgian chocolate individually crafted to look like tiny works of art! We recommend you definitely try some of these!

For Valentine's Day they offer:

  • Black Forest Bonbon
  • Pecan Pie Bonbon
  • Strawberry Shortcake Lips
  • LOVE Bars

Hours: FRI-SAT: 10AM to 6PM; SUN: 12PM to 4PM

Location: 1911 Gadsden Hwy, Birmingham, Alabama 35235

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Pastry Art Bake Shoppe

It all started with a passion for art and baking. Owner Carl Gregg, along with her husband Dennis, turned her hobby into a profession where she has become famous for her award-winning "scratch" cake creations. You can be assured that everything here is fresh, high quality, and you are always greeted with a friendly smile. For Valentine's Day they offer a wide variety of sweet treats from their famous Baby Bites, to cupcakes, to cookies, to brownie pops and more!

Hours: TUES-FRI: 9am to 5pm; SAT: 9am to 3pm; SUN-MON: Closed

Location: 1917 29th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35209

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Cookie Dough Magic

Ever crave that cookie dough just sitting in your fridge waiting to be baked? Well, instead of eating that head over to Cookie Dough Magic where you can freely eat all the raw cookie dough you want and you won't get sick (unless you eat too much ;)! You have so many options including deciding between scoops, shakes, and more! For Valentine's Day they offer a wide variety of different flavors including brownie, chocolate chip, and magic unicorn! You can even treat yourself and/or your significant other to a flavored cone. Also, they have Magic Bite Boxes that you can fill with 12 of your favorite bites!

Hours: MON: CLOSED; TUES-THURS: 12PM - 9PM; FRI-SAT: 12PM - 10PM; SUN: 1PM - 8PM

Location: 400 41st St S Suite 102, Birmingham, AL 35222

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Treat yourself and your loved ones this year to something sweet and delicious all while supporting local Birmingham businesses!