Local designer, Nicole Roby is the mother of two with another one of the way. She has a full-service luxury interior design firm recognized for blending layers of natural elements to create classic, memorable interiors infused with a modern sensibility. We asked her about balancing work with family and her new business-Rome Curate.

Finding Balance

In my experience, there is genuine truth in “the harder you work; the luckier you get”. I am extremely grateful to be a business owner and even more grateful for my two wonderful boys and sweet baby girl on the way.

Being a small business owner allows me the flexibility to make my schedule fit my family. This has been a game-changer for my family unit. In addition, I have an amazing support system that surrounds me daily. My childcare during my time away from home makes it so much easier to be away when work calls. My incredible teams at Nicole Roby Designs and Rome Curate lift me.

A wise mentor once told me I should elevate others and surround myself with those that do the same. I have held this truth close to my heart as I approach the blessings of being a mother as well as the privilege of being a small business owner.

An Economical Way to Personalize Your Space

We tend to view what’s most economical as simply the bottom line, but being time savvy and thoughtful in your purchases should also be considered. Investing in pieces that are truly a reflection of you and your family is my advice, and we hope to make that task a bit easier with Rome Curate.

Rome Curate is a luxury lifestyle brand of custom home furnishings and décor that inspires a sense of easy elegance for homes that are as functional as they are beautiful. Our mission is to provide a curated collection for customers which saves them time and money when searching for those special items to create their unique home aesthetic.