What can guests expect to find at a Spiffy Shindig as far as inventory and price?

It is Birmingham’s Biggest Shopping Party. Great prices and curated furnishings and home accessories for all styles. We started Spiffy as a staging company and quickly realized our customers loved our style and our prices so Shopping Shindig was born. We wanted to create a space where everyone walks through the door and says “hey, this is my happy place.” Great music, great deals, great fun, and even free margaritas greet you at the front door.

What makes it different from a regular furniture showroom?

Nothing boring or vanilla here. We curate collections with intention; everything from vintage, antiques, and new, out-of-the-box, pieces at various price points. You will find textures and bold colors and statement pieces. We have home accessories for kitchen, bath, living, dining, and every room in your home. We travel far and wide to bring you the pieces your friends will say “hey, where did you get that!?!” We always hear our customers say when they walk in our showroom they love EVERYTHING Spiffy.

Who are some of your vendors?

We source furniture from all over the world but we also have local guest artisans that rotate monthly to offer you original art pieces from local artisans. Pottery, jewelry, and handmade goods and food from local talent.

Is there a particular style that you showcase?

Curate Collections–that is our specialty. We pride ourselves in interesting, fabulous finds. We don’t offer our clients an all beige and white canvas. We want to make it fun and interesting, lovable and livable.

Do I have to buy at an event, or can I shop anytime? How often are the events? And do you have to register?


Spiffy’s Shopping Shindig is held once a month, downtown at 1218 2nd Ave N. You can find our updates on Instagram or sign up for our email list to be the first to know. We do have pop up sales occasionally for our email list and Instagram followers @sosospiffydesign. We also have same day delivery for instant gratification.

Barbara Cooney, CEO

Spiffy started as a staging company. They soon realized how much people loved their style and curated look, that they wanted to offer their design to everyone. It’s daunting to design a room, but their curated collections make it easy. You can shop all of their furniture at their Spiffy Shindig once a month sale. It’s design and deals all wrapped up in one.

- Barbara Cooney. CEO/Owner