You may have noticed a trend in residential landscape design as you’ve driven around suburban streets over the past few years. Yards that once boasted lines of neatly trimmed hedges in monochromatic lines of green are exploding with brightly-hued flora. But it doesn’t take a complete overhaul to add bright hues to your curbside vista. Try adding in some of these vibrant pops of color the next time you need to replace a tired bush or fill an empty spot.

Perfect Peggy Martins

Why crown your columns and doorway with ivy, when trailing Peggy Martin Roses provide a sweet flowering vine to adorn your home. The pretty flowers are incredibly easy to grow and bloom from spring through fall.  

Magnificent Mandevilla

Select a colorful vine like Mandavila to climb your mailbox during the warmer months of the year. The tropical plant thrives in sandy soil under a mix of sun and shade.

Fabulous Foxgloves

If you’re seeking a heightened burst of color to “thrill” in your flower bed, look no further than foxgloves. The flowers can grow as tall as six feet and happily reseed themselves.

Nice Knockouts

Knockout roses live up to their names with vibrant hues of pink, peach and red. They are easy to grow, drought and pest-resistant and come back year after year.

Hooray for Hydrangeas

If daffodils are the heralds of spring, then the big colorful blooms of the French hydrangea are a sure sign summer has arrived in the south. The blossoms range from pink to purple to blue, depending on the nutrients in the soil and offer sensational cut flowers. Just don’t plant them in a spot that gets direct afternoon sun!