Since July of last year, Aisha Taylor’s Bridge + Root has taken the city by storm, with her store opening in the newly renovated Mercantile on Morris building. After spotting a need for a personable styling experience within men’s fashion, Taylor has so far been busy with keeping the men of Birmingham suitably and stylishly dressed. She shared that, “With 25 years of experience in fashion retail, shopping for guys who struggled to find cool and quality pieces has become a passion. I decided to set up Bridge + Root in hopes of giving men a styling experience which is just as satisfying as a woman's can be.” 


Looking around the trendy, warm storefront, Taylor has definitely been successful in keeping her promise to supply the men of the city with unique and stylish pieces, and when asked about how her store has been received since its opening, Taylor said “Guys have really appreciated the store. I often receive comments from men who thank me for helping style them.”

When asked if she ever receives any female customers by chance,  Taylor also went on to share that, “I do also have quite a few unisex pieces which stand out. The fedoras, socks, t-shirts are just a few which have attracted interest.” Taylor’s inviting pieces match her attitude towards fashion, as it seems that despite being a male targeted store, anybody is welcome to come and get some much needed and often hard to find fashion wisdom. 


Bridge + Root is also different to other clothing stores, as it’s not just clothes which Taylor stocks! Fragrances in the form of candles, deodorants, reed diffusers and colognes have also been a big hit since the store’s opening, with a collection of more masculine inspired scents such as amber and moss, and teakwood and tobacco to name just a few. Taylor also buys pieces such as fashion accessories, leather goods and socks with a range of fun designs, which all match the cool aesthetic of her shop.

When questioned on how she decides which pieces to pick, she replied that, “I buy what I like! They’re edgy, modern type pieces that have personality. Whether that’s clothes, bags or accessories, I purchase items which represent the store.” One of her favorite decorative pieces currently on display within the store is an abstract, iron sculpture (pictured above) of Sisyphus pushing a boulder up a hill. Taylor explained that “I chose to display this because of how it depicts the idea of a weight up against you.”

Being a local, independent business can sometimes be a struggle but if one thing is for sure, Taylor has been a success in her mission to become the owner and stylist of one of Birmingham’s most fashionable male targeted stores.