The Birmingham area has been blessed with an incredible water park and roller coaster experience since 1998. What once started as Visionland has evolved into the ultimate thrill experience that is Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure. The park celebrated yet another opening this Saturday in what will be the tenth year since The Koch Family has begun operating things, and it’s looking to be quite the fun year! 

Free is a major theme for Alabama Adventure Amusement Park and Splash Adventure Water Park in 2023. Free parking, soft drinks, tubes for the water rides, lifejackets, and plenty of free show experiences like the All American Dive Show and the Aqua-Batic Stunt Show make it easy and affordable to have a blast at our state’s premier adventure park. Season tickets are a great deal at $100 for fun all summer, but day passes are just as convenient and enjoyable. 

Longtime favorite roller coasters like the Rampage, Drop Zone, Galleon, and Tea Cups join plenty of kid-friendly rides and a top-notch water park that features a Kahuna Wave Pool, Aqua Maze, Warrior Lazy River, and slides like the Twister and Neptune’s Plunge! Cabana rentals are available for those looking to seek the maximum pleasure experience from their day at the park - and plenty of food options are available as well. 

Many Alabamians, like this 30-year-old author, have this park to thank for some of their fondest childhood memories - and the park shows no signs of slowing down. As we finally enter our first truly hot week this second week of May, we can only imagine the new memories and cool times that will be created during the 2023 season at Alabama Adventure and Splash Adventure. 

Cover image from Alabama and Splash Adventure