Ask the Pharmacist

Crestline Pharmacy owner Matt Leach answers your questions as we enter the winter months. Crestline Pharmacy is a local independent pharmacy dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and free delivery in the city of Mountain Brook.

>>> What will this winter look like with the combination of both Covid plus flu season?

This winter is going to be a difficult time to differentiate between flu and COVID symptoms, but you can best protect yourself from both by abiding by social distancing and mask-wearing guidelines, maintaining good personal hygiene such as hand washing, and continuing to eat a good diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and hydrating liquids.

>>> What are your thoughts on getting the flu shot? What if I usually don’t get one?

Everyone should get the flu shot. Even if you’ve never had one, it’s the most effective way of preventing contraction of the virus. It’s especially important if you’re around anyone who would be in danger if they were to contract the virus. Remember you can’t get the flu from the flu shot.

>>> I’m concerned about traveling and visiting my family over the holidays during both Covid and flu season. Is there a way to navigate this safely?

When traveling, you can best protect yourself by maintaining social distancing guidelines, mask-wearing, washing hands and using hand sanitizer after being in any public place where you may have touched or been exposed to anything.

>>> I’m not in a high risk category, but my parents or other family members are. What is the best way to handle that?

Even though you’re not at risk, being around people who are means you should treat yourself as if you’re at risk. Make sure you get a flu shot, and continue to maintain good personal hygiene with hand-washing, mask-wearing, and trying to prevent direct personal contact with any of those that may be at higher risk.

>>> Are there any services or products Crestline pharmacy has to offer that our readers should know about this winter?

We offer free local delivery and have many over the counter medications, such as vitamins and probiotics, that can help boost your immune system. We also offer flu, pneumonia, and shingles shots that are almost always covered by private insurance and Medicare. We also offer B12 shots which can help with boosting immune system and energy, as well as overall wellness. Lastly, if you are concerned about coming in our store but would still like an immunization we can offer curbside immunization services.

If you have any questions, visit Matt at Crestline Pharmacy on Church Street, or call (205) 871-0317.