On June 7th, news broke that two shark attacks had taken place on beaches along 30A.

After a short time, the names of the victims became public and the Birmingham community was sent into a state of concern. One victim, Mountain Brook local Lulu Gribbin, was in critical condition. Quickly, much of the Birmingham community rushed to support the local teen in any way they could.

Luckily, two doctors close to the incident noticed blood in the nearby water and sprung into action to help the teen. Lulu was able to be transported after the two doctors helped her by applying a tourniquet to her injured leg and hand.

Medical responders airlifted Lulu to a Pensacola hospital where she immediately underwent surgery. Lulu is currently in recovery and her condition is now stable following the amputation of her leg and hand. Her mother has shared an optimistic update on Lulu's condition in a recent blog post.

"What I have witnessed is that Lulu is here. Nothing about her personality or funny, smart loving self has changed one bit. She may have lost her hand and her leg, but she is here, and we are truly grateful for that."

Lulu was able to meet and thank the doctors who saved her life on the beach.

"It was great to express to both of them how eternally grateful we are for being so brave to go into waters with a shark to save our sweet girl. Lulu was able to tell them, 'Thank you for saving my life.' Lulu is here!"

According to WBRC, Mountain Brook residents are placing purple ribbons, Lulu’s favorite color, around their neighborhoods in support of the injured teen. Mountain Brook’s Smith’s Variety Assistant Manager Doug Edge shared the following quote with WBRC, “Fellow students and school church members are all coming together to show their support, love, and prayers. It’s just awesome. Just know that God is in control. He is the healing power. Don’t lose your faith, and the healing will come.”

Edge shared an update for those interested in purchasing a ribbon, “30 or 40 people were lined up outside this morning before we opened. Fortunately, the community support is so good we are at a standstill right now until more ribbon comes in, but we’re looking at 200 to 250 bows easily right now. What Smith is doing to support the family and show our love and prayers is 20 percent of the bow sales will go directly to the family so they can use it for transportation, food, whatever they need it for.”

Concerned locals can keep updated on Lulu’s condition and find ways to support her on the family’s Caring Bridge page here. An Instagram page has also been put together to keep the community updated. That page can be found here.

Cover Photo by Kirk Thornton