"Alabama the beautiful” is a phrase every yellowhammer native has heard dozens of times, and it's one we should never take for granted. Our state has uniquely colorful arrays of flowers, animals, streams, and more placed throughout - and Birmingham is no exception to this visual phenomenon. While we may be the most populated city in the state, our tall buildings and busy roads only seem to compliment nature’s beautiful expressions - and Birminghamians get the luxury of taking in these magical moments. The Spring is the best season to do so - especially if you know what flowers to look for.


The camellia is so popular in Alabama that it became our state flower in 1959.

Did you know that the camellia is the Alabama state flower? We aren’t the only state that fell in love with this “high-class” flower during the late 1800s and beyond - but the passion felt for this flower by our state simply can’t be matched! Birmingham is one of the hubs for Alabama’s camellia collection, which tends to bloom a bit earlier than most flowers in the state.

Redbud Trees

Redbud trees bring some of the most pleasing colors to Birmingham eyes.

Another early bloomer in our lovely state is the Eastern redbud, or Cercis canadensis.These shorter trees make up for any height disadvantage by displaying some of the brightest blooms in all of Alabama - we’re sure you’ve spotted these bright pink flowers on a Magic City drive. Both the redbud and the camellia are late winter bloomers.

Dogwood Trees

Rows of Dogwood trees can be found throughout the city.

Nothing announces the arrival of spring like the glorious display presented by rows of dogwood trees - and they can be found all around the greater Birmingham area! A short drive in any direction is guaranteed to shortly bring eye-catching blooms to wave hello through the cheery aurora that comes with this time of year.

Bridal Wreath Spirea

Bridal wreath spireas make for the perfect Magic City scenic spring adventure.

Another blooming white beauty in the Birmingham springtime comes from the bridal wreath spirea - a shrub that takes the viewer on a journey back to the old days of winter with its snowy bloom display. During their most flamboyant weeks, the plant creates a cascading effect of blooms which will make you stop in your steps to admire on a warm spring walk.

Alabama - Truly the Beautiful

These are just a few of our favorite options - but there are plenty of scenic flowers in our state to choose from! As the winter freeze transforms into a sun-soaked spring, take time to get outdoors and appreciate the beauty that uniquely belongs to the Yellowhammer State!