KB has earned a stellar reputation for her art, and the Magic City creative recently pushed her entrepreneurial passions even further by gaining her yoga instructor license and beginning to teach her own classes. She has combined these talents to host a variety of positive events including private paint parties, yoga sessions, art lessons for kids, face painting, and combinations of art and yoga for the good people of Birmingham. KB is also hosting an art summer camp for kids this summer as she continues to find new ways to keep the city inspired.

“Ever since I was little art has been my go-to for passing the time,” the creative shares, “At some point I decided that if I wanted to keep art as a happy space for me then I didn’t need to share it with the world as a profession, but of course things change and here I am.” She first started sharing and selling her art online in 2018, and has been keeping it up ever since (with a little time for resting last year). “Ever since I actually realized I could sell my art and make it my profession and my income and still be happy, I’ve been trying to figure out how to make that my main goal.” 

KB's art and yoga brighten the Magic City. Image from KB.

Yoga was another early hobby that KB originally didn’t imagine herself doing for a profit, but is excelling at teaching in 2022. “I’ve always done yoga. It started out with me just stretching because I needed something else to preoccupy my mind,” Brewster explains, “I was sitting at the desk too long. I was always the person that didn’t like to sit still too long. I started doing stretches and yoga by following guides on TV or Youtube.” When the pandemic happened, the aspiring entrepreneur incurred a series of anxiety-triggering moments and returned to yoga (and getting certified) as a healthy outlet. She found an affordable Black-owned yoga school and invested her time and money into her future. “I thought it would help me with finding my own place in the yoga world so I took a chance.” 

It took KB around 6 months to receive her certification. Next came the big question:  “I’m a certified instructor now, but what does that look like for me?” While this may surprise some who meet her, the artist/yoga instructor leans a bit on the shy side and wanted to spend some time “getting comfortable in my own practice.” There are also many niches in the yoga and health worlds, and KB wanted to find her space. She spent her first months of certification volunteering and teaching free classes before eventually hosting more regular events. Now Brewster has her steady stream of yoga and art gatherings including pop-ups in Birmingham as well as Huntsville. 

The artist’s go-to expression during the latest stages of her journey is “Express yourself.” Art, poetry, and lots of support from a wonderful community encouraged her to do exactly that, and she hopes to return the favor back to others with her talents. “It’s helped me become more confident in who I am,” KB shares, “and it’s allowed me to come to a place where I can share that same growth and progress with other people so they can become confident and unapologetically express themselves.” 

KB’s making waves in the Magic City, and she’s happy to be doing it here. “Birmingham, girl you are beautiful. The people here, we’re beautiful. We may be a little ratchet but we’re getting through it,” Brewster laughs, “We have so much here to offer and I love that we are coming together to make it happen. I can’t wait to see our growth and progress.” 

We can’t either, and we’re glad KB is a part. 

Cover photo by Phrozen Optics Photography