As a seventh generation Floridian, Hibiscus House owner Elizabeth’s passion and flare for bright, fresh colours is effortlessly reflected within the classic, yet tropical twist found within her collection of furnishings and décor. Her keen interest and eye for unique pieces has surrounded her since childhood, as she recalls how “My grandparents have always lived in Florida and when they decided to sell their home, I found so many beautiful items which I just couldn’t let them give away.” Once Elizabeth began to run out of space for all of these items within her own home, she found the inspiration to set up an antique booth during the pandemic. Despite the overwhelming sense of dullness which accompanied the challenges of COVID-19, Elizabeth was successful in her mission to restore colour back to the Birmingham community. “One thing led to another” she said. “Before I knew it, I had quit my job working for the American Red Cross in October and officially started staging furniture in the Lakeview Store in January of 2021. I’m so happy I’ve continued to follow my passion ever since!”



From vintage upholstery and bamboo coffee tables to handmade rugs which are threaded through with beautiful colours and patterns of every design, Elizabeth has affectionately created a unique and exciting collection which authentically represents the styles and materials which originate from her home state of Florida . “I’ve always loved being near the water” she shared. “I really wanted to incorporate that timeless Palm Beach Regency feel, alongside a sense of vibrant, Floridian-chic.” Elizabeth has definitely been successful in her recreation of these styles, and whilst the final outcome always looks effortless, the process of revamping these pieces often takes a huge amount of time. “It’s not like these pieces are finished by a machine”, she shared. “There’s so many different stages such as staining, glossing, and sanding that our team of professional lacquer painters go through to create the final finish, and they often spend anywhere between 14-24 hours hand painting items.” Elizabeth ensures that she buys and sources inventory alongside her team and it’s clear to see that whether you’re interested in Honourable Blue, Electric Orange or Georgia Pink, Hibiscus House knows exactly which colours to find in order to brighten up an item, without ever losing sight of its original vintage charm.

“This store means everything to me and obsessed is an understatement!” Elizabeth said, when I asked her what running Hibiscus House has meant to her since its initial opening. “This isn’t just a job, it’s a lifestyle in which I’ve found what I’m truly passionate about.” The warmth within this sentiment can be found in the level of attention to detail shown within every piece of her collection and whilst Hibiscus House is currently thriving, Elizabeth is always looking for new ways to evolve. “Whilst we aren’t currently taking in personal items to be restored and painted, I would love to take this idea forward in the future as we continue to grow. Sourcing for designers and working with a trade programme is also on my future radar and we’re also thinking of possibly setting up antique pop-up events in various art spaces during the summer.” If you want to keep up with the delightful work and any exciting future events taking place at Hibiscus House, make sure to watch out for updates on their website and social media, or make an appointment to visit Elizabeth’s beautifully staged store in the Lakeview area.