Aisha Taylor has always had a creative spirit pushing her to pursue her passions. Two of those passions just so happened to be fashion and service to people. That dynamic duo of driving forces led to the creation of Bridge + Root, Aisha’s upscale boutique on Morris Avenue in the heart of Birmingham with the fashion-forward Birmingham man in mind. The boutique features stylish staples like clothing, shoes, and headwear. Bridge + Root also showcases specialty items for men like fragrances, accessories, bags and more. Items are available in store or online for purchases nationally and internationally. 

Bridge + Root’s approach to men’s fashion is as intricately woven as the garments sold. They aim to provide quality, well-constructed pieces that are unique and exude exclusivity. Simultaneously, they strive to educate on fashion and provide a space for men that encourages individuality, authenticity, and confidence. “Often times, people lack the confidence to dress or style themselves how they truly desire out of fear of what others may think or say. It’s a domino effect. When we can help build confidence, individuality is inspired, we then have a happier human which will in turn spread more love into the world,” said Aisha Taylor. 

Aisha was first introduced to Prosper in March 2023 as a panelist during one of Prosper’s  Operation: Backing Black Businesses workshops. The business owner enlightened the audience  of up-and- coming entrepreneurs by transparently sharing her struggles and successes in  starting and sustaining her business in an industry dominated by people who don’t often look  like her. In December of 2023, Aisha Taylor was selected as one of the 2023-2024 Magic City  Match awardees. The initiative led by REV Birmingham and powered by Prosper aims to provide  capital, coaching and support to Black, Birmingham-based businesses to help them grow and  scale. “Prosper provides invaluable resources. Since connecting with Prosper, we’ve met and built relationships with people from other organizations that have led to a lasting network of connections. I’m excited for this next phase of our partnership as I embrace the support of Magic City Match,” said Taylor.

Even with her success and evolving partnerships, Taylor is clear that obstacles in her industry still exist. She says securing capital and utilizing adequate marketing are constant challenges and opportunities and something she contends with daily. “As a black, women business owner, I have faced challenges that I think mostly attest to simply being a black-owned business. Unfortunately, lack of capital is the most difficult thing to navigate. As the owner of a men’s boutique, I have also had to deal with men challenging me on my knowledge of menswear in general, materials, and the how-tos in men’s fashion,” she said. Taylor says she knows those  kinds of systemic problems exist, and while providing quality clothes that allow men to look and  feel their best, she’s up for the fight to eradicate those challenges. 

With sights set on the future, Aisha Taylor has big plans for Bridge + Root. Through the continued help of partnerships, she would like to expand to a second location by 2027. She  would also like to use her passions for fashion and serving people that are at the root of Bridge  + Root to incorporate mental wellness into the overall aesthetic of her clients. “We have our  eyes set on an effort called The Lounge. It’s a mental health initiative curated to become a  traveling gathering of the minds, touching both men and women throughout the country. I  believe the evolution of this effort will help people not only look their best but truly be their  best,” she said. 

For more on Aisha Taylor and Bridge + Root, visit you can access their website at: or their Birmingham location at 2212 Morris Ave, Birmingham, AL 35203.

Cover Photo by Bridge + Root