A certain Charm has returned to the Magic City of late, as Rachel Evian and Nicole Putman bring back their unique shop to the downtown area. The one-of-a-kind store features a wide collection of jewelry, puzzles, art, funny oven mitts, candles, and puts a priority on highlighting local businesses. 

The new 20th Street location is the perfect visual representation of the store’s triumphant return to brick-and-mortar after moving to online-only for a brief period. The space is inviting and creative, with two pink chairs highlighting as the room’s social centerpiece (and a great place for an interview). The famous Charm mirror makes its return, and the merchandise found in the room is just as fun as fans of the shop remember. 

The return to a physical shop means a lot to Rachel and Nicole.

“Having a brick-and-mortar means a community, and that’s what’s really important,” shares Rachel, going on to state that this sense of togetherness is even more important in a big-small city like Birmingham. “Everyone knows everyone and the sense of community, especially downtown, is super important.”

It’s easy to have a good time at this downtown Birmingham shop.

Charm has been providing this sense of community for more than a decade, with Chatham being the original owner of the store. Rachel worked there for eight years before the owner “bugged me until I took her seriously about buying the shop,” she said. Chatham recommended she bring a friend on this new shop-owning adventure, so Rachel reached out to Nicole – and the Charm legacy was continued through the unique lens of its new owners.

For all the growth Charm has seen, it still harkens back to its original mission.

“I think what Chatham created was this weird little community, especially for women but for everyone, in the shopping of unique jewelry and gifts. Things that you can’t really find anywhere else in Birmingham,” she said. Nicole notes that shops similar to theirs can be found in multitudes across most American cities, but not so much in Birmingham.

Jewelry is a huge focus on the store, which works because the owners are bit of jewelry fanatics themselves. They take pride in the fact that it’s the kind of shop where you might come in looking for something for a particular outfit, and leave buying something for a friend as well. They’re also proud that their store is a place for “people getting to know the local makers and artists in town,” with multiple craft makers and artists featured.

They thank their supporters, both at the Charm store and at their other jobs including the Glen Iris pizza favorite Giuseppe’s Cafe, for helping them push through the trials that have come with operating a business over the last two years. They are ready to return the favor with a fun Small Business Saturday event later this month, perfect gifts to give throughout December, and local pop-ups all into 2022!

We are certainly glad the Charm is back in the city