Getting a good night’s rest is vital for both your physical and mental state, but when you dream about your partner sleeping with their ex, you tend to wake up less relaxed and more bloodthirsty.  But whether we like them or not, dreams unravel a deeper meaning of our most hidden feelings and thoughts.

With that in mind, sought to find out the most common relationship dreams people have and the meanings behind them. then sought the expert advice of to learn more about the meaning of the most popular relationship dreams we have.

Here are some of the findings:

  • 76% of respondents said they have had dreams involving their partner in the last week!
  • More couples dream about arguing with a partner (53%) than having sex with them (53%).
  • Most coupled up people dream about their partner cheating with an ex (72%).
  • 31% of people have dreamt their partner is trying to kill them!
  • Psychic reveals what our most common relationship dreams mean.