Humans are taking control of their bodies more than ever. We are finding quick solutions to aches and pains, and even new methods of preventing many of these nuisances from ever occurring. New healing programs including non-invasive easy options like Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT) and Fascial Stretch Therapy are leading the way in creating a better life for those who seek true body care, and can be found right here in Birmingham at establishments like Aero Joe Pilates with Brandon Calleja Shaw. But what exactly is Fascial Stretch Therapy - and who benefits? 

The quick answer for who benefits is just about everyone (if you are later in your pregnancy, recently strained a muscle,  or recently had surgery you’ll want to wait. Your stretch therapist will also be able to inform you on any other concerns). The why is a bit more complex, but very encouraging for our bodies. The fascia is a connective tissue that binds some of our muscles, blood vessels, and nerves - while allowing other elements to smoothly slide over each other. It’s a truly remarkable thing and only gets more remarkable as specialists learn more about how to best handle this aspect of our bodies. 

Fascial Stretch Therapy (also known as FST) uses traction and breath techniques combined with guiding joints to the edges of their pain-free zones. This process helps to separate and guide the connective tissue, which leads to improvements in nearly every aspect of our physical life. Our alignment, balance, strength, flexibility, coordination, and pelvic rotations are some of the very many important areas of well-being that get improved with this process.

This leads to a better physical experience each day while also improving sleep patterns, reducing stress, and easing muscle tension in the body. Fascial stretch therapists guide your fascia and relax it into formations that work best to give you the absolute best feeling with your body-and when we feel good we live a whole lot better. 

While stretch is in the name the process is similar to that of a massage, which makes for a pretty enjoyable experience while bettering your body. Not only is Fascial Stretch Therapy available to just about everyone, but it’s also highly recommended.

Cover image from Unsplash