Birmingham-based interior designer Julie Terrell of Julie Terrell Interior Design couldn’t find Christmas stockings to give her clients that complemented the sophisticated aesthetic of their homes – so she launched a company to fix it.


Merry by Julie Terrell features heirloom stockings made in fine velvets, luxury linens, and vintage plaid wool fabrics, and are adorned with porcelain charms that she makes in her own studio. About Town spoke to this talented Birmingham maker to tell us more about how we can enhance our mantles.


About Town: Tell us about Merry by Julie Terrell. What inspired the creation of it, and what do you do?

Julie Terrell: Merry by Julie Terrell is a line of holiday heirloom Christmas stockings and accessories for the home.  I had searched for years to find high-quality Christmas stockings that fit the design aesthetic of my own home as well as my clients’ homes. I wanted stockings that were beautiful, unique, and thoughtfully considered. The stockings and removable collars are made of fine velvets, luxury linens, and vintage wool, plaid, and tweed fabrics. I also sell personalized porcelain charms and ornaments that I make in my home studio to accessorize the stockings or decorate a Christmas tree.


When did you launch?

I offered my first collection in 2020.

Your background is in interior design. How important are stockings to tie together a room for the holidays?

Holidays are a time when we open our homes to friends and family, and holiday accessories should be made of materials that are as sophisticated and thoughtfully considered as other accessories in our homes. Christmas stockings are usually up for over a month and in one of the most used rooms in the home. I think of stockings just like pillows and throws that add that last layer of comfort and style to a room.  


Tell us about your products, including price points.

Currently, I offer Christmas stockings and accessories so clients can purchase entirely new stockings for their family or bring new life to cherished stockings they already heave. The line of stockings are completely customizable and range in price from $200 to $300. Removable stocking collars are designed with a ribbon tie or cuff link enclosure. There are several ribbons and cuff links from which to choose, and those are included with the collars priced at $100 to $120. I also sell porcelain charms and ornaments that I make in my home ceramic studio to accessorize the stockings or decorate a Christmas tree. These items are priced from $35 to $40.


I also have Advent calendars available. This is a simple but chic design in which you pull down a numbered charm each day as you mark the days in December until Christmas. The charms are draped over an antiqued mirror on a tabletop easel. On the other end of the ribbon are charms that spell out MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR. They are priced from $950 to $1,300.


What sets you apart? Why does the world need Merry by Julie Terrell?

Merry was born from searching for fine customizable stockings. This has truly captured my imagination and I love being able to provide a unique solution to a traditional holiday accessory. I personally designed the pattern, offering the ability to style them slightly differently each year by switching up the accessories. I am proud of the final product – they are beautifully made from quality materials and will last for generations to come. I also love working with those who wish to create fully custom designs using special fabrics and materials. I enjoy sourcing unique and vintage fabrics and accessories, and the options are endless!