Avondale Brewing Co. has a packed month of October – 11 shows! – but one we’re especially looking forward to is Drive By Truckers with Buffalo Nichols at 7 p.m. on Friday, October 22. The coolest part? Despite being known and loved nationally band members like Mike Cooley call the Magic City home – so we caught up with Cooley to see what we can expect at the show and why he loves Birmingham.


About Town: What can fans expect at this show?

Mike Cooley: We’re gonna do what we do as long as we can. We’re glad to be back. The last time at Avondale it was kind of cold and rainy. It was fine for us, but tough for the crowd. We’re hoping for a better night this time [weather-wise]. We always appreciate them hanging in there the way they did.


Birmingham is home for you. What makes Birmingham an extra special place to play?

Playing shows is playing shows but playing at home is fun because the family can come. They don’t always get to see the band. That’s pretty cool. Other than that, I love living here and calling Birmingham home, so getting to play at home – it’s special for that reason.


What do you love most about Birmingham? Do you have any favorite restaurants or places to go?

There’s so many, and there’s plenty I haven’t been to yet. I’ve been enjoying Helen downtown a lot lately. I’ve got a bunch. Silver Coin Indian is one of my go tos.


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Cover Photo Credit: Drive By Truckers