There’s something about the campervan lifestyle that leads us to envision our very best, most adventurous life. The ability to travel where you want--without having to worry about finding a place to stay each night--is a truly freeing experience. Many people may dream of this lifestyle--but don’t picture themselves actually living it. Birmingham business Juicebox presents an opportunity to change that, with a special opportunity for one lucky person.

The company, which was founded this year to fill in marketing niches for established businesses, is giving away a 2015 Dodge Promaster Campervan with only 30,000 miles on it. All you have to do is purchase the company's ebook about Juicebox cofounder, Chis Clevinger, and his experience building the van with his dad. Each purchase includes one chance to win, with proceeds benefiting the Alabama Sustainable Agriculture Network (ASAN). A maximum of 1,000 chances will be offered.

Chris and his dad built the van after Chris decided he’d like to live on the road while working remotely with his Juicebox venture. He’d already lived in a camper and bus in the past, and a campervan was the next logical step in the portable home journey. Chris purchased the van in August and spent close to 140-60 hours hours modifying it with his dad over 14 days. The dynamic duo built a bed, bookshelf, cabinets, drawers, along with a portable water pump. In addition to describing the experience, the book answers some FAQs such as “Where do you shower?” and “Why are you giving the van away?”

After hearing so many people express excitement about the campervan lifestyle, Chris and his Juicebox cofounder/Birmingham marketing guru CJ Britton decided to make someone’s day by giving away this amazing home on wheels.

As part of the promotion, the partners let some of their friends take it on the road for a couple days--and this writer was lucky enough to be able to journey to Chattanooga, TN, and Asheville, NC, with a beautiful Tennessee mountain drive in between. We were fully converted to the campervan dream, but you don’t need us to tell you that--when you have the opportunity to create your own experiences!

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