From changing leaves to favorite fall foods, fall in the South is a time filled with fun and festive activities for the season. Check out our top five picks for things to do this fall in the South.

1. Harvest Festivals

From Georgia to Texas, harvest festivals showcase the region's agricultural richness with farmers' markets, live music, and delicious, locally sourced treats. Whether you're wandering through a pumpkin patch or sipping on freshly pressed apple cider, the Southern harvest festivals are a must.

2. Tailgating

Fall in the South means one thing for sports enthusiasts: football season. But it's not just about the game—it's about the tailgate parties that precede it. Southern tailgates are a spectacle of camaraderie, with fans gathering in stadium parking lots filled with team colors. Even if you're not a die-hard sports fan, experiencing a Southern tailgate is a cultural rite of passage.

3. Scenic Road Trips

The South boasts plenty of picturesque landscapes, and fall is the perfect time to set out on a scenic road trip. From the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina to the vibrant trees along the Natchez Trace Parkway in Mississippi, the changing colors of the Southern trees are a sight to behold. Pack a picnic, roll down the windows, and enjoy the beauty of fall.

4. Haunted History Tours

For those who enjoy the supernatural, the South's rich history provides a haunting backdrop for ghost tours. Cities like Charleston and Savannah, with their cobblestone streets and antebellum architecture, are filled withwith tales of restless spirits and haunted pasts. Explore the eerie side of the South as you walk through dimly lit streets, guided by storytellers telling stories the paranormal.

5. Culinary Adventures

Southern cuisine reaches its pinnacle in the fall, with seasonal ingredients inspiring chefs to create classic dishes. Indulge in pecan pies, sweet potato casseroles, and turkey dinners that showcase the region's culinary expertise. From low-country boils in South Carolina to gumbo feasts in Louisiana, fall in the South is a culinary journey that is sure to satisfy.

In the South, fall isn't just a season; it's a celebration of culture, tradition, and the spirit that defines this region. So grab a warm drink and your favorite fall sweater, and take in the charm of Southern fall activities.

Cover Photo by Joey Genovese