Long-avoided home projects or new improvements, such as tiling or painting, can demand a lot of physical effort and are therefore a good way to burn some calories indoors.

MyJobQuote.co.uk sought to find out which DIY jobs burn the most calories and what their level of intensity is. To find the results, they asked three men of average weight and three women of average weight to do a variety of DIY tasks over the course of 15 days while wearing a Fitbit.

To provide a better understanding of the complexity of some tasks, the DIY expert from MyJobQuote.co.uk, Kane Hughes commented on some highlights.

Some findings include:

  • Sanding is the DIY job that burns the most calories with men burning 456 calories per hour and women 392 calories!
  • Gardening can be a good way to get rid of some calories: men burned 337 calories and women 306 calories.
  • The DIY job that burns the least calories is wallpapering: men burned 217 calories per hour and women burned 180 calories.