Q1. Should guys have tattoos?

No way: 55%
One or two: 30%
Covered/sleeves: 3.33%
Other: 11.67%
  • "It doesn't matter"
  • "One or two is ok for me but I don’t love a guy covered in them. And absolutely no face or neck tattoos."
  • "If he wants them"
  • "No preference, as long as the tattoos aren’t offensive"
  • "A few or none"
  • "Doesn't matter"
  • "Doesn't matter either way, just no dumb tattoos."

Q2. What is your ideal facial hair?

Clean shave: 36.67%
Stubble: 41.67%
Beard: 16.67%
Other: 5%
  • "Depends on the season"
  • "Either clean shave or full but trimmed beard, no stubble and no out of control hair :)"
  • "Clean shave, also end of day STUBBLE is"

Q3. What is the perfect age?

Within five years of me: 58.33%
10 years or over: 13.33%
I don't care: 26.67%
Other: 1.67%
  • "Within 10 years older"

Q4. How much money should he have?

More interested in ambition: 58.33%
Its most important: 21.67%
Not that important: 13.33%
Other: 6.67%
  • "Comfortable. Able to wine and dine me!"
  • "I want him to be ambitious but also still make enough money so I don’t feel like I’m the one supporting both of us."
  • "Very important, but so is Jesus/morals/personality."
  • "Money doesn't matter. Don't be a jerk."

Q5. Should guys really worry about height?

In the top three most important things: 41.67%
I don't care: 13.33%
Personality is far more important: 36.67%
Other: 8.33%
  • "At least 6'"
  • "No one shorter than me!"
  • "I’m 5’10 so for me it is important because I just have a thing about being shorter than my partner."
  • "Depends on the height. Under 5’7” maybe. Over that, nah. (I’m 5’3”)"
  • "Just be taller than me."

Q6. Who has the most ideal body type?

Chris Hemsworth: 60%
Harry Styles: 15%
John Mulaney: 13.33%
Other: 11.67%
  • "Brad Pitt"
  • "George Clooney"
  • "Dad Bod is ok with me"
  • "Jon Hamm"
  • "Chris Pratt"
  • "Dad Bod"
  • "I prefer the teddy bear type"

Q7. What car would guys look best driving/would turn your head in traffic?

Expensive European Sedan/Sports Car: 6.67%
Rugged High-End Utility Truck (Ford F150/Silverado): 35%
High-End SUV: 55%
Other: 3.33%
  • "Toyota Land Cruiser"
  • "1977 Defender 110"

Q8. How do you want him to smell?

Nothing: 8.33%
Subtle/clean smell: 61.67%
Enough for only me to notice: 26.67%
Other: 3.33%
  • "Subtle and Classic - Royall Musk"
  • "Smell like himself."

Q9. What shoes should he wear on a first date?

Comfortable Utility Boots: 8.33%
Trendy Loafers: 58.33%
Athletic Shoes: 13.33%
Other: 20%
  • "Something Preppy"
  • "Classic loafers - NOT Trendy"
  • "Classic / Preppy"
  • "Traditional / Preppy, but NOT Trendy"
  • "High End Hunting Boots or Loafers"
  • "Russell Hunting Boots"
  • "All those shoes are ugly. How about boots"
  • "Nice, worn-in, classic leather boots"
  • "Whatever is appropriate for the occasion"
  • "Wear shoes like a man."
  • "ANYTHING absolutely anything but flip flops"
  • "Normal everyday shoes"

Q10. What clothes should he wear to a tailgate?

Jeans/Khakis and Polo: 40%
Tucked in Button-Down: 26.67%
Anything team related: 26.67%
Other: 6.67%
  • " Khakis and a Polo or Button-Down - tucked in!"
  • " Khakis and a tucked in Button-Down"
  • " Khakis, tucked in Button-Down"
  • " Casual Jeans and T-Shirt"

Q11. What sport do guys usually have the best bodies?

Rugby: 13.56%
Soccer: 20.34%
Baseball: 20.34%
Golf: 5.08%
Tennis: 10.17%
Football: 10.17%
Basketball: 6.78%
Other: 13.56%
  • "Tennis or Lacrosse"
  • "LAX Bros (Lacrosse)"
  • "Lacrosse"
  • "Lacrosse Guys!"
  • "Lacrosse"
  • "Hockey"
  • "Swimming and Diving"
  • "Lacrosse"