After the chaos of the past year, we’re all trying to find ways to bring calm into our lives as we go through 2021. Interior designers understand how our emotional state can be influenced by our environment and are able to use color to create a specific mood. If we’ve learned anything from the last year, it’s how important our homes are for our peace of mind.


Not everyone can afford the time or expense of a major renovation, but most can handle a color refresh, and one of our favorite colors of the moment is green in all of its beautiful shades. Both dynamic and calming, green comes in many different hues from more neutral sage to deep emerald or playful teal. Whatever your taste, you have a broad range of green to choose from. From entire room make-overs to accessory changes, here are a few ideas about how to incorporate green into your home.

Kitchen Cabinets

One of the most exciting trends of the past several years is colorful cabinetry. And while grays and blues have dominated the design landscape for the past few years, green is making headway. Green cabinetry in a satin finish is sure to make an impact in any kitchen.


Maximalist decor is on trend in 2021, and there’s no easier way to add layers to a room than there is with wallpaper. We love bringing the outdoors in with floral wallpaper for a showstopper in any room.

Be Bold: Paint an Entire Room

For those that want to make a big impact but not a big money commitment, paint is your best design friend. If you’re feeling brave, choose an entire room to paint green. There’s a reason Benjamin Moore chose Gray Cashmere as part of their 2021 Color Trends Pallette. For those that want a more subtle green, this misty, green-gray is sure to please.


Having trouble committing to a full-on green color scheme? Take baby steps and refresh with green accessories. Choose your favorite pillows or throws to spruce up a neutral couch or chair. Or better yet, jump on the houseplant bandwagon and enjoy the health benefits of fresh greenery.