Does doom scrolling have you up late at night?  Or maybe you’re just excited about that new job or upcoming event now that life is getting somewhat back to normal.  Whatever the reason, not being able to fall or stay asleep can be a chronic condition for many.  According to the CDC Alabama ranks as one of the most sleep deprived states in the nation with 38 - 44% of the adult population reporting being sleep deprived.  

Weighted blankets came out a couple of years ago; but because of their popularity, prices have dropped - making it more affordable for those who didn’t want to spend $200+ when they first hit the market.  So what is a weighted blanket, and is there science behind it?  

Occupational therapists were the first to start using weighted blankets (which are filled with tiny glass or plastic beads) to help relieve anxiety for those with behavioral or sensory disorders.  The result was that this type of “deep-pressure therapy” had a calming or relaxing effect on many that used it.  One study found that 63% of participants reported feeling less anxious after using a weighted blanket. The jump wasn’t far that if the blanket could help with relaxation then it could also help with sleep. (For those of you with dogs who are terrified of thunder or fireworks, this deep-pressure therapy is also the theory behind the Thunder Shirt.)  

Want to give it a try?  The most important aspect of buying these blankets is getting the correct weight.  It’s recommended that you choose one that is about 10% of your body weight.  So if you’re 120 pounds, choose a 12 pound blanket; 150 pounds, choose a 15 pound blanket. You want to feel relaxed by the pressure but not weighed down.  (This may not be for those with mobility issues, and for children, always check with your pediatrician.)

Here are some of our favorite, reasonably priced blankets.

At just 12 lbs, this blanket is a great option for those looking for something under the 15-20 lb range that many weighted blankets fall under.  $23.97 at Walmart

It’s hard to argue with an almost 5 star rating from 33,000 reviews.  This Quility weighted blanket has amassed quite a following.  $79.99 at amazon

This version from Room Essentials has a removable fleece cover for an extra cozy feel.  $49 at Target

Sweet dreams, Birmingham!