How are teachers coping with the challenges caused by the pandemic?

To answer that question, America’s leading outdoor services provider, LawnStarter, released its 2020 COVID-19 Teachers Survey + Infographic: How Has the Pandemic Impacted the Teaching Profession?

They surveyed nearly 130 K–12 teachers in the U.S. across a number of topics. They range from the amount of extra hours teachers work during the pandemic and the difficulty of adapting their homes to online instruction to their satisfaction with the federal government’s response to COVID-19 as it relates to education.

They unlocked valuable insights directly from America’s educators, including the following key stats:

  • 70% of educators spend more time prepping for online classes than they did for in-person teaching, with nearly half saying they work 1–5 hours more per week.
  • Half of all educators said they would teach only online during the pandemic, if given the choice.
  • 1.6 times more male teachers than female teachers said it was “easy” to adapt their home or other remote space to online teaching.

Find out what else teachers had to say in our full report and infographic, both available here.

With no sign of immediate funding relief for America’s public K–12 schools and students’ reading and math gains expected to decline by 30% and 50%, respectively, this fall, U.S. educators are under historic pressure to deliver a workable solution for tens of millions of students.

LawnStarter’s survey of teachers in this time of COVID spotlights both the challenges educators face and some ways that the system can be improved both for teachers and students.

You can find the survey questions here as well as in our article.