Kind is a wonderful thing to be. Everybody is going through a number of tough things at any moment on any given day - many of which you will never know about. At the very least, every last one of us has gone through a couple of global stressful events such as a pandemic over the last few years. Our emotions are critical in shaping our perspective on the events that take place around us each day. Being kind to family, friends, and strangers is one of the easiest ways to uplift others - and it doesn’t cost a thing! While kindness is a quality that it might seem some people are born with, it can be easily learned by us all. Here are a few simple ways to be more kind to others. 

Truly Listen

As different as humans can be, there are a few things that we all have in common. One of those is the desire to be hard. To feel like we are being listened to. Taking the time to truly listen to what someone has to say goes a long way in making them feel loved and appreciated. Don’t tune out or think about how their words relate to a story of your own. Simply lend your ear, ask a follow-up question or two, and let your kindness lead the way to an engaging conversation.


No matter how on top of it someone is, help is almost always a welcome offer. It could be with cooking, cleaning, dropping off a letter, or helping someone to slow down and enjoy the day. Assisting with even a seemingly tiny endeavor unloads weight from the one that you are helping. The best way to know how to help is to ask.


Every action gets a reaction - Newton told us that. In the world of relationships, however, reactions can change depending on how much space we give before we respond. Taking time to reflect on a perceived slight or annoyance can give us more time to see the bigger picture and fully process what occurred. We all make mistakes and while you shouldn’t let yourself be trampled on, you can give some people patience and a little grace throughout the day. 


Hey there, About Towner! Thank you for caring about your city and continuing to support our website as we cover the people and places that make it so special. The readers, the small businesses, the local community supporters, the poets, the artists, and most of all you are what makes this city something beautiful. That’s all that showing appreciation is. Letting people know wonderful things about them that you genuinely feel. Are they funny? Good at cooking? Have the best playlists? Just let them know and let love grow. This can be done through words and through actions. 

Cover image by Kelly Sikkema