Don’t sleep on the importance of sleep! Although our eyes are closed during these hours, there are a lot of significant things happening behind the scenes to ensure that we continue to be our best selves. Quality sleep improves our physical health and reduces the risk of sickness while also improving our mental clarity and social interactions. We spend a third of our life sleeping. When we choose to not focus on healthy habits during this time, we are sabotaging ourselves as we try to live healthy lives during our awake hours. 

It’s one thing to be aware of the importance of quality sleep time, but how can we actually achieve this lofty goal? Fortunately, many have studied the subject and have identified slight adjustments we can make in our lives to improve how we sleep. Here are a few of the most recommended changes to make in your life for a more restful rest. 

Watch What You Consume 

The diet that we embrace while we are awake directly impacts the quality of sleep we will receive later in the day. Acidic foods (even the healthy ones), spicy foods, and meals that are high in saturated fat, sugar, or processed carbohydrates can disrupt our sleeping cycle. As can eating a meal too late, along with drinking alcohol or caffeine too close to your planned time for bed. A light snack compared to a larger dish before dinner will most likely create a better sleeping experience. 

Consistency Is Key

Setting a regular schedule around when we sleep, when we wake up and begin the day, and what we do before we go to bed is crucial in getting our bodies accustomed to healthy habits. This helps us ensure that we are getting enough sleeping time, and that the quality is at a maximum level. Some restful practices that can take place on your schedule before sleep could include reading, listening to music or background noise, or meditation.

Exercise Wise Decisions

Was this title a bit of a stretch? Yes. But is the point still there? We hope so! As stated earlier, our awake and sleeping health are in a mutually beneficial (or unbeneficial) relationship. The quality of life in one of these moments will heavily impact the other. Healthy habits such as exercising along with reducing our television time and cellphone usage go a long way in creating better sleep. Exercise is important but joins television watching and phone scrolling in things to avoid a couple of hours before bed as they will keep you up. 

Cover image by Andrea Piacquadio