Football season has arrived! Family and friends across the nation are making plans for game day watch parties with the finest foods, beverages, and watching capabilities. Those who’ve lived in the South during football season know that one simple fact is true: nobody does game day like we do! While we can’t help the rest of the country have more thrilling rivalries and stronger team spirit - we can help with creating the perfect game watching experience. Here are a few of the key things to remember when hosting a football watching party. 

Food, Food, and More Food

The most important thing to consider when hosting a game day watch party is making sure that you are able to stream the game - something that has become more difficult than ever in recent years. Once you have that figured out however, the next important thing (by far) is your game day menu. The grill is your best friend during football season. Chicken wings, burgers, hot dogs, and more can all be made on this cooking masterpiece. Sides are equally important - think potato salad, mac and cheese, chips, and of course pigs in a blanket. Everything else could go wrong at your party, but as long as the food is good it will all be okay. 

Team Spirit 

You aren’t planning a football watching party in any old state - you are doing it in a place that is dedicated to the collegiate football experience. From the moment we are born, Alabamians are told where they stand in this world. You either root for the Crimson Tide or are a fan of the Auburn Tigers. There is no in between. (Of course we are all UAB fans as well!). The great part about being in such a team-obsessive state is that we can have fun with the decorations in our home. Dip bowls, plastic cups, game day banners, and a thousand other fun items can be found in local stores. 

Extra Curriculars 

While the game itself is certainly going to be the center of attention when it comes to the day’s entertainment, it’s important to have some other fun-inducing activities in the background. Not everyone will be as equally invested in the game and there is plenty of time to kill between the dozens of commercials shown, halftime, and the pre and post-game festivities. Cornhole, giant jenga, card games, and group-centric games like the Heads Up app are all great ways to keep the good times rolling for all. 

These are just a few of the important steps to create the perfect football watch party experience in your home! Now get ready to root for the home team and enjoy the next few months of Saturdays! 

Cover image by kaboompics