It’s a new year. Start it with a new routine and a new you! Try these 10 simple steps.

1) Don’t Eat Too Few Calories.

Too few calories leads to a lack of energy, which will keep you unmotivated. It can also lead to injuries.

2) Don’t Treat Exercise Like It’s Punishment.

Find something you enjoy, and always mix it up so it’s not boring.

3) Make Sleep A Priority.

It will lead to energy, and you’ll see results quicker if you’re giving your body time to heal.

4) Eat Nutritious Foods You Actually Enjoy.

No one loves all health food, but there’s so many options, it’s not tough finding lots of things you enjoy.

5) Make Exercise & Diet Convenient.

Plan your meals and follow an exercise routine on your schedule.

6) Focus On Your Progress.

Set goals and write down everything, whether it was a success or failure.

7) It’s Okay To Eat Some Fun Foods.

Stay discipled, but completely depriving yourself never works.

8) Something Is Always Better Than Nothing.

Something unexpected come up? No problem. Do your best and if you can only squeeze in a 20 minute walk, go for it.

9) Get A Partner.

Nothing will keep you accountable as having a buddy to keep you in-line.

10) Make Sure You Have Fun.

Fitness should improve your life, not add stress.