It’s time to ring in the new year! For many people, the new year feels like a fresh start, an opportunity to set new goals and focus on self-improvement. I feel like it’s especially important to take full advantage of the year 2022 as an opportunity to seize the new beginning we all so desperately need after a pandemic that has loomed over us for the past two years! It’s time to rediscover normalcy and routine, as well as learn how to incorporate lessons learned during the uncertain times that we are looking forward to leaving behind us.


A Fresh Wardrobe for a Fresh Start

 I have to be honest with you, very few things can motivate me to hit the gym as much as sporting cute new workout apparel! Just because you are planning to work hard and get sweaty doesn’t mean you can’t have cute new clothes while you do it! You don’t have to go crazy and replace everything you own, either; sometimes just a few new pieces will get you feeling ready to conquer not only the gym, but the entire year ahead.


Marry Old Habits with New Ideas

I think it is safe to say that everybody’s workout routine saw some major changes when we were told that we had to stay home indefinitely almost two years ago! From talking with a lot of former gym goers they said that they do not want to spend the money for a gym membership when they now have equipment at home. Yet, they also said they are no longer using the home equipment like they once did. If being part of a workout community is what really had you moving…go back to it! You are worth the time and money! I’m not suggesting that you allow your new equipment to turn into a clothes rack. Yet, why not freshen up your workout routine for 2022 by combining pre-COVID gym workouts and fitness classes along with home workouts?


Dashing with your Dog

Another way that many people fought cabin fever during the pandemic was to add a new member to their family! Many people who began 2020 without a four-legged friend suddenly found themselves making the choice to adopt a fur baby in the midst of the pandemic. Man’s best friend might have been your best workout buddy during that time! Including your pet in your outdoor workouts will not only provide improved physical and mental health for each of you, but also some great bonding time that you are both sure to love!


As we begin 2022, I hope that you feel the same excitement I do to see what positive changes the year will bring!

Cover Photo by Self