Step by step tutorial lead by Speed Spa's make-up artist Katrine Aboujaoude

Eye and lash products provided by Gunn Dermatology

Birmingham model: Margaret Davidson

*All tips and tricks given by Katrine from Speed Spa*

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Tip 1: Gunn Dermatology Lash Serum

  1. Usually used at night.
  2. Take one pump and apply to the upper lid as close as you can to the lash-line.
  3. Let dry for two minutes.

Tip 2: Gunn Dermatology Lumiere Eye Cream

  1. Illuminates and tightens your eyes.
  2. Use before concealer.
  3. Dab around the eye in a C motion.
  4. Rub on eyelid too but not too close to eye.
  5. Let sit before concealer.

Tip 3: Bright Future Concealer

  1. Paint Bright Future Concealer in upside down triangles under the eyes. *A little goes a long way.* *Helps with redness.*
  2. Buff with a small brush around the eye and on the eyelid too.
  3. Next use your own concealer.
  4. Paint on more triangles under your eyes.
  5. Use the same brush as before to buff it out. *You can use a sponge which helps even it out and make it stay.*
  6. Use hourglass powder on the same sponge as the concealer and push it right up under the eye and on the eyelid.

Tip 4: White/Cream Eyeshadow in Inner Corner

  1. Use a larger brush with a bright neutral eyeshadow shade.
  2. Start at the outer corner of eye and blend across the lid.
  3. Next use a smaller brush with darker neutral to add dimension around the eyes.
  4. Rub on the crease of your eyelid from inner to outer corner.
  5. Use a white/cream color in the inner corner for daytime. (Add gold for nighttime look.)
  6. Add shimmer too to the inner corner for day and/or night as well as some on the eyelid closer to the inner corner.

Tip 5: Stamp Liquid Eyeliner Using the Body (not the tip)

  1. Use liquid eyeliner horizontally and press it on from the inner to outer corner. *Don't use the tip.*
  2. Start from inner corner to outer corner.
  3. Get as close as can to the eyelashes.
  4. Stop at the end of the eye because adding a wing closes the eye

Tip 6: White Eyeliner Pencil on Waterline and Inner/Outer Corners

  1. Use a white pencil on the bottom lashes waterline as well as the inner corner and outer corner for dramatic look. *Use less during the day and more for a dramatic look at night.*

Tip 7: Neutral Eyeshadow Under Waterline

  1. Pick the same or another neutral eyeshadow color under the lower lid waterline. *Don't make it a defined line! Make it more of a smoky look*

Tip 8: Mascara on Top and Bottom Lashes

  1. Add mascara to top and bottom lashes. *Curl is optional.*
  2. Push up on the lashes and move side to side to get the plumpness look.
  3. On the bottom lashes use less. Lightly tap to keep them thin and smaller.
  4. Next fill in the eyebrows
  5. Color in the eyebrows in the opposite direction to how it grows to get all the hairs dark.
  6. Brush it out in the direction of the hair growing.
  7. Finally, to add extra shimmer, use a finger to get a shimmer eyeshadow color and put between the eyebrow and eye.


  1. Blush and lipgloss optional.
  2. Also, to add a more permanent big eye look you can use Gunn Dermatology botox.