Downtown Homewood’s Thomas Andrew Art Gallery + Studio is offering a way to kick your office teambuilding up a notch.


The studio, located at 1925 29th Avenue South, is now hosting painting parties where businesses can take part in mural teambuilding or have their employees each paint individually on their own canvases – a great way to bond with coworkers outside of the office, said Anna Grace Moore, director of public relations at Thomas Andrew.


“I believe paint parties are a fun way to help coworkers bond because painting is a relaxing way to express one’s creativity,” she said. “Especially with mural teambuilding, coworkers can rely on each other’s strengths to paint a beautiful piece that they then can display in their workplace.”


The price per person is $50, Moore said, and a $100 deposit is required.


“That $100 deposit subtracts from the total price of the event, so that $100 can cover two people’s admission to the painting party essentially,” she said. “Everyone else can pay at the time of the event in our gallery.”


All paints, canvases, and other supplies needed are provided by the gallery.


Thomas Andrew also offers private paint parties – including sangria and snacks! – in addition to offering workshops and creative adult time. But the mural teambuilding in particular is gaining steam, especially as so many teams have been physically apart for the past two years.



“It’s a statement of what people can achieve through teamwork in the form of art,” Moore said.


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