With Birmingham’s artistic scene only growing in recent years, the Magic City’s streets are home to a wide collection of beautiful murals. You’ve probably walked past some of them on a regular basis, but in case you missed any, we’ve made it easier to find them for your Instagram worthy photos. 

Rotary Trail Mural

The next time that you’re headed for a stroll down the Rotary Trail, be sure to take note of this striking art project. Brought together by Lewis Communications and H2 Real Estate, this impressive collection of bold, vibrant styles from artists such as Andy Jordan, Catriona Hegarty, Jon Osborne, J.Chanel and Ahmad Austin can’t help but brighten up the area. 

Morris Avenue’s Robot with Monkeys

Over the past few years, John Lytle Wilson’s quirky Robot with Monkeys mural has become one of Birmingham’s most beloved features. Wilson is a local artist, and his fun-loving robots are heavily featured in most of his work. This one stands proudly on the side of a building on Morris Avenue, and its vibrant colors and futuristic nature give a new sense of life to this historic street. 

Rooted In Alabama 

This mural is based on a photo taken by Paul Jones III and can be located at Pepper Place. Local farmers are and always have been such an important part of our community and while we enjoy the amazing market and restaurants at Pepper Place, what better way to show our appreciation, than to have this powerful image looking over us.  

Forstall Jungle Mural

Tattoo and mural artist Shane Boteler has created this beautiful Jungle mural on the side of the Forstall Art Store. It features a big cat lurking in the top left and a colourful chameleon in the bottom right and since it was commissioned, this mural has become a hot spot for photo opportunities. Make sure you get yours!

Theatre District Mural 

This colorful mix of ballerina dancers, guitarists, drummers, and more can most certainly be seen to represent the diverse talent found in Birmingham’s theatre district. It can be located at 19th Street and Third Avenue North and was created by artist Andy Jordan from Blank Space Bham.  Hopefully next time you pass by, you can appreciate this mural on a whole new level!