Welcome to “My Perfect Birmingham Saturday,” a column where About Town asks Birmingham residents from different walks of life how they would spend a Saturday in the Magic City if they had it their way (and COVID notwithstanding).

Lifelong Birmingham resident Myeisha Hutchinson loves her city. Through her company, MDH Strategies, she offers trainings and development and creates strategies for nonprofits and community-centered organizations, some of which includes diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) work, making Birmingham continually better day by day. But, for her perfect Birmingham Saturday, you won’t find her working – instead, you can catch her at Pepper Place, the spa, and eating well during her jam-packed day. Read on to see how she’d spend it.

When I wake up on a Saturday morning, I think “I am going to go exercise.” There are a lot of exercise offerings but going hiking at Ruffner Mountain is where I’m going to go for my exercise today. When I leave Ruffner Mountain, I’ll go to Pepper Place Market, then I’ll probably go to brunch at a Birmingham brunch spot I think is cool, like The Essential. If there is no limit on money, I’ll order everything on the menu. Brunch is my favorite meal of the day, and they have a brunch cocktail – that’s where I’m going to start.

From there I’ll go to Ross Bridge and to the spa and have that whole experience. Then I’m going to do some shopping at The Summit. If there’s no limit to what I’m doing, I’ll put on a girls’ weekend and rent a room at Ross Bridge for a girls’ getaway. 

From there, I’ll come back to the city and have cocktails at The Atomic, and I’m going to order every cocktail. I’ll have a crew of folks with me, and we’ll use Comedienne Joy’s party bus so we won’t have to drive. We’ll use her as a designated driver.  After Atomic, we’ll go to Helen for dinner and order everything on the menu. My Birmingham really revolves around food. Then we’ll go axe throwing around the corner.

Then we’ll catch a late movie at Sidewalk. Live music doesn’t usually start until 11:30 p.m. or midnight, so we’ll go to Plum Bar – somewhere I frequent – before going to Birmingham Daiquiris. We’ll grab a late night meal at Granny’s Fish ‘N Grits food truck, take the party bus back to Ross Bridge, and spend the night there.

  • As told to Rachel Burchfield